This blog is from my book Oms from the Heart

There’s not much to say about this week except that it’s time to begin new.  For real.  

The New Moon in Aries and Mercury stationing direct is the climax of this week’s celestial orchestra.  But the energy leading up to that is pretty epic.  My invitation for this week.. practice, watch the sunset/sunrise, conserve your energy, observe relationships and just generally, be still.

Let me be clear about what I mean when I say a “new beginning”.  It can be a shift in location, in jobs, or in relationship. It can be a hard right turn, or a simple 5 degree course correct. It could be as simple as beginning a new thought process or pattern that works better for your soul.

I’ve always believed that our lives are divided out into chapters, and each one has some epic teaching to it.  Some lesson or theme, if you will, that brings us to the next level of who we are meant to be.

Along this journey, we grow, shift, transform, expand, contract … we do all of that.  And in those times, we are most often offered something new.  A new idea, a new way of thinking, a new path, a new job, new relationship … something that challenges, heals, or inspires us.

Considering the law of energy, when new beginnings take place, activation requires something to be released.  And if not, something, somewhere is transmuted.  Otherwise there would be no space for this new thing.

I’ve been known to shift my life consistently.  I mean, if nothing is permanent, then I’m okay with playing the game and hitting the reset button every now and again.  We are all offered opportunities to start something new; to leave things behind; to take a leap; to expand our potential.  But sometimes we shy away from that because it’s comfortable. 

But we are meant to shift consistently and we are meant to expand epically.  So why would we fight it?  Why would we stand on the edge of a new reality? Because we don’t know what’s next? 

Here’s the truth, we never know what’s next.  So shift already.

The question is …

I think when we are offered opportunities to shift and start new we have to ask ourselves:


What is my motivation?

Will this serve the Highest good?

Then go from there.

How do you know when it’s time for a new beginning?  For me, I start to get an inkling from the Universe.  I start to see signs or hear sweet whispers telling me to try something new.  Now, if I ignore it, those voices get louder and louder until the Universe is pretty much pushing me off the edge. 

What do you do in the times of parallel living  - between two worlds?  A good idea is to live both until it begins to make sense.  How will you know?  You’ll feel like a chick in an egg and you’ll have to choose and jump and start new. 

How do you stay clear and focused?  How do you know you’ve made the right choice?  You’ll feel it…

We’re here to grow and shift and if you aren’t … take a step back.  What are you resisting?   Let it go … be open to a new beginning.