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I’ve been thinking a lot about the word choice this week.  The conversation started out as how fortunate we are to have choice.  And admittedly, how we have too many choices on any given day.  Having too many choices creates a little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for me, to be perfectly transparent.  I like to keep things simple.

I came home from work the other night and my teenager greeted me at the garage door talking … before I even got out of the car, as per usual.  She was saying, “Mom… I really love my life.  I mean it.  Like, I just feel so lucky to be here! We have so much don’t we?” I stopped in my tracks and wished I could bottle that up and play it back on another day when I vetoed something she wanted.

She said, “Would you like your mind blown right now Mom?” How could I say no.  She showed me the intentions she had written down on December 31, 2015 and she pointed out that every single one had manifested; this was April 19th by the way.

She went on to talk about how people in other countries, while they were (she was sure), happy about their life, didn’t have it half as good as she did.  And how she felt so responsible for her choices to get her where she was in this moment, already accomplishing her 2016 goals in April.

It brought me to such a place of gratitude and love.  I was so proud of her acknowledgment that she was taking ownership for her own creations.  And that her choices brought her to this moment; that her life was her responsibility.

Because that’s the truth that a lot of people forget.  The moment we are in right now, it’s because of the many choices we made weeks months, even years before this moment. 

We are experiencing a moment based on our past choices.

And not only that, but while some of those choices were made consciously, a lot of them were unconscious knee jerk reactions.  I mean, our thoughts move faster than our breath so that’s bound to happen.  And when I say that to some people… that their choices brought them here, where they are now… sometimes they disagree.

They say something like: “I didn’t choose to get divorced.”  “I didn’t choose to lose my job!” “I didn’t choose to … whatever”.  And to that I say shyly… yes, yes you did.

You see, I don’t think there is enough emphasis in this world on the power of our thoughts or our words.  And definitely not enough emphasis on how to wield our power of choice in a way that is beneficial to the fulfillment of our purpose.

Or enough education on that fact that our choices, when made from a place that is powered by love and heart based intentions, are usually the choices that create exponential ripples of love that may never be measured, or even acknowledged. 

I don’t think that people give themselves the time necessary to breathe into a thought and see how it resonates with them before making a choice.  I think that too many people make choices based only on the mind and the moment.  Choice is the product of a feeling … a resonate feeling in the body.  And our minds move too fast for our own good sometimes.

Choice is a privilege.  It’s a right. It’s a blessing. It’s our responsibility.  It has the potential to guide us along our path divinely. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to make as many choices as possible from a place that is laced in knowing. Knowing that in that exact moment, you have all the tools to make the best choice for you in that exact moment.  And even if say, six months later, after gaining some new wisdom, you realized that the choice was now obsolete … you could make a new choice with no regrets. 

Because that’s the other thing about choice.  IF we can remember to make them consciously and deliberately, we will never regret a choice we made.  We will know that every step was one that brought us to the perfection of the now.  And then, when it was time to shift, we could do it with no regrets.  Because we would re-member that it’s always a path of choice made with what we know when we know it.

How would that feel?