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So with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and all that’s happening in our world … I have to say that EPIC TRANSITIONS is the only theme that can define this week.

This time is all about transitions, big ones this time.  And I mean it.  I do believe though that you can shift 2 degrees or 180 degrees; that you can create effort or ease; that you can struggle or flow.  I believe that everything is a choice.  However, we do not have the option to change or not; because change is inevitable. 

I believe that we are always transitioning; always evolving, always growing and we get to choose how that looks.  With all of this epic movement happening out there, do you really think that YOU are exempt from that energy?  Do you REALLY? 

Newsflash .. you’re not. 

So I’ve been asking myself … how do I want to enter into this new paradigm?  Because that’s what it is you know?  A completely new reality.  And ... when we enter into transitions like this, it’s not like we just sit down and intend our life.  No, we have to really look at the whole ball of wax and ask ourselves what works and what doesn’t.  We must be willing to release the grip we have on the old so the new can come in.  And, I believe that if we don’t release it, the Universe is so powerful it’s going to do it for us. 

So, we have a choice as always.  Let go or be dragged.  Up-level or stagnation. 

How will you embody these transitions?  In you relationships?  Your career?  Your environment?  Your finances?

If you can remember that everything happens in response to your perception and in favor of your evolution, transition can’t be anything but epic.  So why do we fight it?

Fear, worry, doubt … all nonsense.  Listen, if you’re reading this and you think you have control of anything, take a look up at the sky.  Figure out how the Moon makes waves.  Tell me how Mars and Venus align and how all this epic-ness happens on one day while you are alive! 

Tell me how all that alignment happens while you sleep! 

Then settle into what is, buckle up, smile that smirky smile, and get in for the ride.  Make it epic … because it always is!