After sitting in a room full of new yoga teacher trainees this weekend, the word evolution came easily as the theme of the week.  I looked up the word a couple of years ago when it became a theme for my own life:

Evolution:  the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

This was a perfect description actually.  Because the incredible souls I witness in yoga teacher training year after year are doing exactly this.  And it blows me away every single time.

So, evolution:  Opening and expanding to something new within ourselves.  Potentially more complex, but then again potentially more simple.  Definitely more resonate.

I started thinking about relationships that we partake in during this time on Earth.  And how we, as a species are meant to evolve.  We aren’t meant to stay stagnate.  We aren’t meant to think, feel, or be the same throughout our life.  So I wonder sometimes why we do.   

And then I thought about the dynamics of evolution in relationship.  And how if it’s true that we are ALL evolving at our own rate, our own path, our own karmic intention, how can we say that when there is breakdown, that one person evolved and the other one didn’t?  That’s not true. 

Remember, people who bless you with their presence in this lifetime are on their own path.  You only magnetized them for a snipet of time in order to mirror yourself and learn something about your own evolution.

Something else to keep in mind, is that you get to choose, moment to moment, how deep you want your evolution to go.  Meaning, you can skim the surface or you can dive in deep.  But remember, just because you are diving in deep, doesn’t mean everyone else in your current reality is going to dive in with you.

Not only that but there isn’t a “higher” evolved being than another.  Or a more “spiritually connected” person than another.  We are all connected and evolved in the most Divine way, in the most perfect way for our life, our karma, our DNA, our path.  So why the judging? 

It’s a choice – remember.  You get to choose.  You get to evolve.

I’ve learned a few things in this process of evolving as a human being. 

  • Evolution isn’t always comfortable. It can be sad, as it is a death of sorts. 
  • But it’s also a rebirth so it’s exciting too.
  • You cannot judge others – you must only thank them. 
  • You are never alone and you never will be.
  •  There is nothing to fear.

I would rather live a life where I evolved:  took a chance, risked it all, said how I felt, listened to others even when it hurt, opened my heart, loved deeply, lost it all, looked silly, got my heart broken, fell on my face, made a mistake, and cried for days then sat still in fear. 

Because in ALL of that there is opportunity for epic evolution.