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The Full Moon Gemini happens November 22 at 9:54pm PST (11:11:11 at 9:9) 

Just saying .... 

The sign of Gemini brings opportunity for learning and amplifies communication skills.  There’s a sense of social ease and grace with this Full Moon which is a good thing since Mercury is back in retrograde.  Take lots of time to breathe and calm the nervous system, create a positive, daily mantra and repeat it over and over again.  Things could get tense - it’s all in how you perceive it.

It’s an important moment of the year for many reasons.  First off, this is the first of FIVE consecutive full moons at zero degrees. Yes, zero degrees.  A huge, pivot point.  Are you feeling that yet?  If things are shifting or pivoting for you, there’s still a bit of work to be done and completed.  Keep hanging on with your heart in your hands and allow the onset of the next 5 Full Moons bring perspective to what’s been going on for you. 

Because the Full Moon is in a mutable sign, it’s a time for you to be adaptable, open and flexible. And because Gemini rules communication, as does Mercury, it’s very important to pay attention to your words. BE open … BE flexible … BE adaptable. Everything is changing and shifting. It’s a very creative time … go with the flow. 

And not to worry … if flexibility is a problem, one of the seven planets in mutable signs will snap you back into shape!

 The Sun is conjunct Mercury, Mercury square Neptune, Neptune stations direct. What does that mean?  It means pay attention to your inner voice. You know the one.  Distinguish between reality and distortion.  This is a big time to follow that creative imagination and believe in what could happen.  Just don’t allow your illusions to get the best of you. 

Mars says GO!! Mercury says WAIT!  You’ll know what’s in alignment with your Divine mission and what is not. IF you pause … IF you allow … IF you find that balance between giving and receiving. This is a deep time for Feminine Power to rise. (No shit!)  So listen to that … 

If you have the courage to sit when you when you want to charge ahead, trust what’s happening and believe that you deserve all the abundance, joy and love your sweet heart can hold … you’ll be fine. I promise.

Happy Full Moon Gemini loves.   Reach out to me if you’d like an astrological reading or intuitive nudge.  I’ve got the Universe at my back, essential oils in my pack, and crystals in my pocket.  You can find me at or on Instagram at @danadamaraevolution