11:11 means a lot to me. When I look back on all the significant changes in my life, they’ve always been self-inflicted and happen around this time of the year. This pattern dates all the way back to 1996 when I decided to leave my corporate job and travel the world with one backpack. Followed by signing divorce papers on 11/11/2011 at 11am.  To relocating to San Francisco on 11/11/2012. Every year on 11/11, I act as if it’s New Years Eve, because it is.

11/11 is a powerful portal and not only that, but this year is extra powerful because this is a Universal 11 year… 2018 = 2+1+8=11.  Power packed. Embody Truth Yoga graduates complete their 200 hour training on November 11, 2018.  Mistake?  Coincidence? Nope…. I planned it that way

Numerologists everywhere will tell you that 11:11:11 unlocks your personal manifesting power.  Yogis know that we are always manifesting in every moment.  The question is, are you consciously manifesting.  

Personally, I use numerology, astrology, and other mystic divination tools like crystals, Tarot, and oils as a way to potentially make sense of how I “sit” in this world as a Spiritual Being navigating a human experience.  Numerology has always been fun for me to play with.  Angel numbers, what they mean, how they guide you, always fun. Because I can’t see it, nor can I prove it.  However, based on experience, 11:11:11 has always been a turning point.  I don’t allow myself to sit in a box with any of these tools, AND, this whole 11:11:11 thing has never let me down. When I look back on journals and manifesting “wishes” written and claimed on 11/11, they have always, and I mean always, shown up at some point very soon after I’ve written them down. And honestly over the years, they manifest much quicker these days. 

It’s a resonance really – basically saying to the Universe, “I acknowledge you, I honor you, thank you for reminding me to slow down, notice and pause. Thank you for reminding me that I hold the power in my life.  Thank you for remembering to claim this life as my own. Thank you for reminding me that I can align with your power and co-create if I pause in humility long enough.” 

I do believe that everything that’s happened individually and globally has brought us to this point.  We’ve had to contract in order to give birth.  We’ve had to drop into the darkness to see the light. We’ve had to struggle in order to feel grace. All the prophetic yogi phrases, it’s all happening now. But don’t waste it. Don’t wallow in the darkness. Stay just long enough to alchemize it. Here’s my suggestions for 11:11:  

1.    Be committed to letting go of everything as you have known it to be.  Yes, all of it.  Let go or be dragged … seriously. 

2.    Dream big … expand your space and open up to NOT knowing.  Prepare for miracles and magic.  Unlimited resources … infinite creation ... expanded awareness … ascension. I know it doesn’t look that way but before expansion and miracles, there’s always a contraction. 

3.    Trust your own guidance.   Listen and act accordingly.  

4.    Cleanse and nourish.  Know what lights you up, what nourishes you, what feeds you and do THAT! Make choices that feed your energy.

Please … limit your exposure to external stimulus.  Meaning all media – you know what that means for you.  This is out deep soul work. Don’t waste your energy on the outside world in this moment. Go internal. 

We are subject to so much … pay attention.  It’s time to really drop in and let it all go.  Why? So you can ALLOW the Divine to deliver. Ready … set … go.