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New moons are always a time to go inward, set intentions and begin a new trajectory in our life.  This one in particular is seeking balance – in all areas of your life.  Your soul wants win-win situations and harmony in all relationships and your environment.  

This Moon in particular has a very strong Scorpio flavor mainly because just days prior to this New Moon, Venus went into retrograde in the sign of Scorpio.  This gives the lunation a deep, dark, luster and intense, emotional turning points.  

The biggest questions you’ll want to ask yourself are:

·     Where is the balance point in my life?  

·     What in my life creates balance?  And what takes me out of balance? 

·     What relationships take me out of balance and spin me in the direction of old patterns? 

·     What issues keep coming up for me in various relationships? 

Because this is Libra New Moon, and Pluto square in Capricorn, AND Venus Retrograde, it’s important to look at what emotional trauma or cellular memory, still lives in your body and where?  What are those wounds that still need healing.   

Do you know what harmony feels like or has it been too long to recognize it? 

 Knowing what disharmony and discomfort feels like is helpful … but make sure you can discriminate between a pattern and when it’s time to shift.  

New Moons are about going inward but with Venus Retrograde, you are being asked to go way deep in, get quiet and focus internally. It’s time…. It’s time to dig deep and really ask yourself what matters to you.  What is distracting you?  What is keeping you from experiencing balance.  

 In particular, ask yourself what your inner motives are.  What do you value the most in your life.  Take a deep look in particularly at how you manifest love, how you create space for abundance and financial flow, and what your inner motives are.  

 And then, begin to clear out what no longer serves. Pluto is the clearing planet and has the power to really support you with a balance of courage and compassion – if you can simply observe and recommit.  

Take time this New Moon to just be. In fact, take the next 40 days, until Venus stations direct again, to dive deep.  Dive deep into you and what you desire.  It’s a powerful time to be alive. No time to waste.  

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