I have been in Southern California for almost four months now.  I'm not moving back to Northern California, but I am in need of tribe connection so expect many visits in the New Year. But more than that, expect something else:  Me stepping out into a deeper version of myself.  Me traveling to places I’ve wanted to go and haven’t “made it to yet.”  

Me staying off-line to connect deeper into my heart.

It's all unfolding, revealing, ushering me to new heights.  It's all the things that have become clear with the ocean waves.  The first three weeks living here in Encinitas, afforded me naps like you wouldn't believe.  They weren't a luxury, they were a necessity.  I was rundown, overwhelmed, and exhausted on every level.  

I had to nap to survive. 

And now I know why.  This world needs super-heroes.  We needed a rest because things are messed up right now and we need to be at our best selves in order to battle hate with love. It's something that seems insurmountable, I know. Because the depth of our hearts don’t understand hate.  The reality of who we really are just can’t quite grasp what the fuck is happening.  

It’s been heavy but we can do this.  We must start with self-inquiry:  Where do you still hate?  Where do you still hold angst?  Don’t hide it anymore.  Explore it and have the courage to face it.  Roll around in it – don’t try to dissolve it with “love and light” – that’s what’s fueling this whole problem – bypassing with compassion.   

When you locate that scoundrel, let it in and consume you.  Allow it to have it’s way with you for as long as it takes to dissolve from your body, mind, and soul.  And then rest because that’s a lot of courageous work. Take naps, love more, journal, pickup new pieces of who you might be now. Take a moment to revel in this new space you’ve created within yourself without the hate. 

When it’s all said and done, get ready to up-level your clear thinking, bad-ass self, because this battle of love and hate isn’t going to be easy.  We have to replenish, and replenish, and replenish over and over again. We must know our tribe and visit with them daily.  We must drop into our ritual and self-care practices with intention and focus. We must love from a heart that’s so big it holds the world.  And we must step into who we are with a calm confidence that dispels all fear.  This is the way of the Goddess.  

I redid my bio again. It’s funny, I’ve changed it several times over the years.  This is the first time I’ve used the word Shaman in my bio.  Just flew right off my fingers. Must be something in the water.  Clear that shit, and then step in with your super human powers, the world needs you right now.  

Here’s my new bio.And if you want to know anything about where I came from, what I love, how I like my coffee, or where I want to travel to, go here.  Step in, two feet and don’t look back.   

I have your back and so does love.

Dana Damara