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I am a self proclaimed Moon Stalker, and Venus speaks to my soul.  The full Moon is a time to release, let go, celebrate and check in with where you are on the spectrum of your life.  This full Moon is all about love, beauty, abundance, unexpected pivots, game changing realizations, planning and relationship upgrades.  

This is a lovely time to listen in deep, expect miracles, and up-level your value.

Your value?  Yes, Your value.  What you’re worthy of.  What you choose to “do” with your time, energy, and money. How you discipline your choices and where you set the compass for your life.

How can I say that?

Well, because this Taurus Full Moon sits with Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs and breakdowns. This energy is all about expecting the unexpected, and being open to new ways of being, doing, and contributing.  

Directly across from the Moon, at 1 degree (yes 1 degree, the number of new beginnings), is The Sun, cuddled up close to … Venus.  This is a big deal because well, Venus is still in retrograde.  She’s still contemplating just how amazing and beautiful she is, and the Sun is coercing her to step forward in all her glory.  

Meanwhile, these two incredible aspects sit square to both the Nodes – the South and the North, which really plays into our destiny, our karma, and the things we are here to “do”.  If you’re needing to feel comfortable in your life, go ahead, cozy up and drop into the grounding that Taurus offers you.  Understand though that life is cyclical; everything is impermanent so be willing to relinquish that comfort for something that looks foreign but at some point soon, will be your home.  

The full Moon will ALWAYS bring about emotional illumination, this one may hit your hard and look more like emotional breakdown – or full on emotional bliss.  The choice is yours.  

Kind of. 

If you’re paying attention, you’re noticing a heightened awareness, an angst that things are shifting, an unveiling of the truth.  The Moon with Uranus brings about clarity, psychic intuition and puts things into HD. The new Moon we just experienced was in Libra and this full Moon is in Taurus – both planets ruled by Venus. Venus is in retrograde – please don’t take this for granted.  Every relationship you have is up for an upgrade but remember that every relationship you are experiencing is really a reflection of the one you have with your Self. Act accordingly.  

This is Scorpio Season and Venus retrograded in Scorpio … hmmmmm … no more surface skimming, with anything.  Go … into … the … depths.  That is where the pearl lies … not on the surface.  

Here’s some fantastic guidance … 

Clarify and purge whatever is necessary

in order to embrace what you value at a soul level.

Read that again …. Please. You have the opportunity to meet your Self from the heart. You have the opportunity right now, to expand but there are things… stagnate things … holding you back.  What are they? What are those pesky things that you continue to cling to?  That are buried a bit deep under the surface and show up again and again.  

 Yeah … let that shit go. This Moon can take it – it’s sturdy!  

These aspects are asking for balance through love, expression and affection.  It’s asking for you to be serious and compassionate all at the same time.  It may be offering up synchronistic situations that will steer you to your “destiny” but if you’re rigid and stuck and too stubborn (Taurus) you’ll miss it.  If you don’t know your value, it will fly by you.  Pay attention and adorn yourself with love.  

 Since Saturn is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun, you have a sturdy ground to stand on.  Saturn is serious, disciplined and patient.  He will help you stay out of the drama.  He’ll help you release the challenges you created to help you to learn something, so long ago.   

It’s time to up-level. It’s time to get serious. And it’s time to value You … the real you.  Allow things to fall away that you’ve been hiding behind or using as an excuse. Make space for the grace, beauty and love that your mind can’t imagine but your heart knows so well.  

 Dana Damara 

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