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This is a big week.  We’re heading into a new month, a New Moon is only a week away and this Thursday, well, my favorite planet and Goddess, Venus, goes into retrograde.  

She goes into retrograde on October 5th in Scorpio, and then goes direct about 40 days later, in Libra.  This one will be tumultuous, I’m not going to lie.  Your relationships are all up for renewal, which means deep alchemical opportunities.  In my experience this process can be a bit uncomfortable at times, so be prepared.  

 In fact, anytime Venus retrogrades, most often, you are thrust into discomfort, pain and the unknown. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, like a blizzard in the dark, but I promise you, it will be worth it.   You have to trust your heart, put your big girl panties on and keep going. You have to let this energy have its way with you.  

Venus is deep love, so your heart has the opportunity to be rebirthed, but something has to die in order to allow this transformation to happen. There’s no coincidence that Venus retrogrades for exactly 40 days. The number 40 is a sacred number we witness in most religions with regard to transformation, journey and pilgrimage.  The purpose of this is to guide you back to your heart.

 The way you love, relate, and function in relationships, all have the opportunity to shift to a higher resonance of unconditional love and gratitude.

I resonate so much with this dance of Venus, I have her path through the skies tattooed on my arm.  She makes the same path through the skies every 8 years coming back to the same area of the sky, touching the same area of your natal chart. This means that each Venus retrograde is a repetition of the Venus Retrograde that happened 8 years ago. So last time we had a retrograde in Scorpio was in October 2010 – do you remember where you were at that time in your life?  Or October 2002?  That’s where you need to go for the sweet alchemy.  

The Earth-Venus dance for 8 years creates this beautiful 5-petal flower with the Sun at the center. I’m sharing the video with you here as I think it is absolutely astounding.  As you can see, the tight inward loops represent a Venus retrograde.

Venus in Scorpio has the most potent and profound opportunities for deep change and transformation for so many reasons.  Scorpio is the most intense, dark sign of the zodiac. Scorpio rules the cycles of life and death; the deepest corners of our psyche; our intuition and instincts; our secret desires and all the things we keep to ourselves.  

Venus retrograde here pushes you to go and get what you desire, regardless of the cost, knowing you deserve it.  This transit will be a fiery process … I promise you that.  She is THE SYMBOL of the feminine and rules love, money, relationships and your PERSONAL VALUES … 

 Yes, your values … how do you value yourself?  Your time? Your money?  Time to re-evaluate, re-invest, re-align with what’s real.   

If you’re willing to go into the depths, you will be rewarded with some pretty epic transformation that you most likely, can’t even imagine. Yes, this is not a transit for the faint of heart.  This transit and retrograde is asking you to clarify what you deserve … what do you desire … and what’s in the way.   

What pain, trauma or pattern keeps you from getting what you deserve, desire or love?   Here’s the question though … how deep are you willing to go into your healing in order to rest in what is your birthright? 

I was once told that the depth with which you dive into your grief or pain, is directly related to the height of the love you can experience, if you are willing to go deep.  This makes so much sense to me.  This is Venus retrograde in Scorpio.  

It is challenging, it will wreck you, break you open, and transform you, but in the end it will bring about a rebirth of the heart.   Venus stays in Scorpio until October 31, so be prepared to be cracked open, and reorganized.  Let it flow, trust the process, fall into it all, let it burn … however you want to phrase it.  This is not the time to fight change; rest in it and know your value.  

Thank Goddess she lands in Libra … this is where her transit ends and there WILL BE massive resolution; if you’re open.  Libra is the sign of balance … always seeking balance and reason.  Libra finds objectivity and sees both sides to everything in order to understand where the peace lies.  So on the other side of all this fire and transformation there is balance – there is resolution. There is a realignment of all of your relationships. 

A recalibration to everything, but mostly to your own value and worth.  Time to up-level. Time to listen to your soul and truly relinquish all the weight you have been carrying around that is old and worn out.  

Here’s the best part though …. 

 Venus Retrograde also follows the story of Goddess Inanna, who descends to the underworld to visit her evil sister, Ereshkigal. This story is no joke. She must go through 7 gates (the chakras) and leave something behind at each one.  She leaves her crown, her jewels, her shoes, her velvet robes, her clothing … until she is completely naked.  She meets her sister in the depths of the Underworld, completely vulnerable and still, so radiantly beautiful.  (She is Venus after all)  

Her sister, so angry seeing Inanna’s beauty, kills her and hangs her on a meat-hook to rot.  That’s not the end of the story, as Venus’s trip to the Underworld is just a moment in time for her to re-member her value.  She must know her worth and emerge again as a bright light of radiance and grace.  But she must go to the depths, she must meet her dark “sister” (the mirror of herself), she must let parts of herself die in order to be rebirthed.   

So …  what can you leave to die?  What can you leave behind? What are you willing to strip yourself of on a deep level and go into the depths, so you can emerge again as the morning star?  

 Here’s some dates you can mark on your calendar if you’d like …

PHASE  I – Venus dims as an evening star

•      October 5th – Venus goes retrograde at 10° Scorpio

•      October 10th – Venus (10° Scorpio) square Mars (10° Aquarius)

•      October 15th – Venus is conjunct Mercury at 8° Scorpio

PHASE II – Venus invisible: Venus goes into the underworld

•      October 18th – Venus becomes invisible, falling below the horizon and into the underworld

•      October 26th – Venus conjunct Sun. A new 584-day Venus cycle begins. The conjunction marks the transition of Venus from an evening star to a morning star

•      October 31st – Venus (0° Scorpio) is opposite Uranus (0° Taurus)

•      October 31st – Venus goes back into Libra

PHASE III – Venus rises as a morning star

•      November 5th – Venus becomes visible again, this time as a morning star

•      November 9th – Venus (26° Libra) is trine Mars (26° Aquarius)

•      November 15th – Venus goes direct at 25° Libra

 If you don’t know what this all means, I can help you decipher it.  If you want to know where Venus sits in your chart, I can help you with that too.  You want to know these things so you can see how this transit will affect you … and I can promise you it will. In some way, shape or form, it will.