I’ve been feeling it all lately.  The fires, the floods, the lack of respect, the separation, the indecision, the flux, the transformation, and the love. 


Above all else, I’ve felt the love.

And I’ve felt the Divine.

And the call from Mother Earth.

I’m a sensitive human being.  I feel it all.  Despite the 1D world we live in with technology – I still get to live in the 5D world.  And honestly, sometimes that’s a blessing, but sometimes it can feel like a curse. And despite the times I’ve took on too much from the outside world, I wouldn’t change the level of sensitivity. Over the years I’ve learned how special it is that I get to feel.  And at the same time, I’ve had to learn to set boundaries with how much I let in otherwise I find myself depleted very easily. 

As you know though, it’s a bit crazy out there

Here’s an interesting thing about being “sensitive”.  I remember when I was younger people would actually say to me, “God!  Why are you so sensitive!  Geeez!  Don’t be so sensitive!”  And that never made sense to me. 

Because I like to feel. I like to feel it all.

Feeling is a privilege of living this lifetime as a spiritual being navigating this Earth suit. And quite frankly I don’t think, for the most part, that people are sensitive enough.  We’re actually heading in the direction of being anesthetized by way of communication with each other, ourselves, and with the Divine. 

Our intuition is being replaced by Google.  Face-to-face, heart-to-heart connection, replaced by texting that can be edited many times before hitting send.  Prayer limited to an app that has to be connected to Wi-Fi in order for it to work.

For the Love of Goddess …
what the hell are you going to do when the Wi-Fi goes down?

Are you going to remember how to connect to the Earth, the Sky, the trees, the water, and the feeling of actually touching the Earth?  Are you going to remember that laying on the ground and allowing Mother Gaia to hold you, is the best way to get grounded to her pulse, which syncs with yours?

I don’t know about you but this whole, “Don’t be so sensitive.” is a quick joyride to hell to be honest.  It’s a loss of connection to what’s real which is our personal connection to Source. 

Do you remember what that is?  I know plenty of people who don’t and from time to time, if I’m not careful, I trip myself up as well.  Non of us are exempt.

A beautiful consequence of being sensitive is being able to recognize what is yours and what isn’t.  However, the first few tastes of this 5D – living in HD world can leave you feeling a little drunk and dizzy.  That’s because you are a magnet – and you’re pulling everyone else’s juju into your field; consciously or unconsciously.  When I was younger, I numbed my sensitivity with drugs and alcohol because honestly, it was too much to bear and I had no guidance on how to navigate this gift. 

However, when you get real schooled and practiced in this, you can start to discern what’s yours.  You learn that the outside isn’t always what’s in the inside.  You learn that the best way to reconnect is touching the Earth and drawing in a breath.  But, for a while you may not know why you feel something, or where it came from.  That’s when it’s time to set some boundaries.  Boundaries not to protect you, or shield you, but to insulate you so you can integrate the feelings and emotions and sift through them as necessary. 

This world is moving fast, and there’s no time to screw around by A) blocking everything out so you can “make it through the day”; or B) taking on so much that you become immobilized or riddled with stuff of the world – that’s really outside yourself. 

Trust me … meditation is the one thing that will clarify all of this for you. It will calm the mind and ease the heart.  It will make sense of your emotions and begin to sort out what is real for you in any given moment.  And it can support transmutation of emotions and blocked energy.  So you can clear debris and allow what is important to come through – eliminating or dissolving the rest. 

It’s time to tap into that sensitivity.  The world needs it … now.