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This is such a powerful word isn’t it? I personally do not believe in the word “breakdown” … or “break up” … or “”break apart.” 

Breakthrough …

Because when something breaks apart, or down it’s really breaking through to something else.  Something you didn’t notice before.  Something you couldn’t have noticed without whatever transpired … no matter how uncomfortable it was.  And even in that breakthrough, you may experience MORE breakthroughs. Like how you reacted once you became the observer and noticed the real you …

  • You asleep
  • You awake
  • You conscious
  • You triggered
  • You … in all your forms

How did you react when things got clear?  When you reflected enough to experience your situation from a higher perspective?  What patterns came into play even then?

In every single breakthrough there is a nugget… a golden nugget of wisdom that has been sitting inside of you, just waiting to be noticed. Just waiting to be integrated.  Just waiting to be heard.

What happens most often though, is you stop the process before you have the opportunity for that breakthrough.  You stop the process because it’s too hard, too challenging, too painful, too uncomfortable. Because on the other side of that discomfort, on the other side of that breakthrough, is something you know nothing about.  And THAT in and of itself is scary.

But your soul knows.

Your soul knows what’s up. Your soul knows that you must, at some point in your life, breakthrough whatever that is! And, the Universe, working in cahoots with your soul, will continue to offer you opportunities to breakthrough all of this

until… you… get …. it.

It’s just how it works… for real.

Here’s the truth, on a deep level, you know, that on the other side of all of your breakthroughs, is this incredible light.  This light that is so bright that it has the potential to blind you and reconfigure everything you know about everything.  That it’s different than anything you’ve experienced before.  That it has this luminosity that is overpowering and amazing and magical.  And that is truth.  You will be blinded, things will look different, you will experience magic. 

My question is … why is that scary?  Breakthroughs are exciting!

You cannot experience breakthroughs in comfort, complacency or peering over the edge of your life.  You must jump in and stay as long as you need in order to breakthrough to the other side of your evolution.  Put it this way, simply – it’s like the little chick that pecks and pecks and pecks to get out of that egg ….

Yeah … like that .