When you hear the word abundance, most people think of financial wealth and prosperity.  That’s typical as our world, as we know it to be, values almost everything with a “price point”. 

Which makes sense … kind of.

But because our life is so multi-dimensional, wouldn’t we desire to experience abundance in other areas as well?  Because if we only focus on money, we lose out – on a lot. I mean, if you’re abundant in money but your relationships lack, you are not experiencing abundance now are you?  You are losing in love and connection, what does money matter in that situation anyway? 

And what about experiencing an abundance of time?  What does that look like?  With two teenager daughters I keep thinking I have an abundance of time so there’s a lot of breathing happening in order to make that so.  So maybe I have an abundance of breath. 

Either way … I’m abundant.

If we are product of our thoughts, which I like to believe that we are, then we always have more than enough.  And if you say you’re tired, or overwhelmed, or busy, then you will be. But if you say instead, “I’m abundant in my life right now!” – that one phrase can shift everything.  And I mean it.

The over arching thought in global consciousness has been one of lack.  We’re told by the media that we need something – anything!  But the truth is, we have everything we need in present moment.  We may desire more, we may visualize more in our lives, but in our present moment, we have every single thing we need to create the life we love and nourish the soul’s callings.

When we forget that, we grasp, we grip, we yearn for more.  We wish things were different.  We pray for something to “come to us” when all this does is create more lack within our lives. 

When we re-member that our lives are abundant, we can give in infinite generosity.  We can love without fear.  We can create a life we cannot even really dream up, because we know that there is something more than the mind can conceive. 

In the field of abundance, we recognize that we do not know it all. We do not control anything.  We give it up to spirit.  And that, living in abundance, is what creates miracles.