I stare at the Moon often; actually have quite a love affair with Her these days.  And just this past weekend, I watched Her rise over Yosemite’s majestic landscape. I witnessed the ground vibrating beneath my feet while I was there.  Felt the cleansing water at Mirror Lake go right through to my soul.  In one day I was blessed to have hundreds of butterflies, several dragonflies, multiple Bluejays, and a huge brown bear cross my path.  I have watched the Sun set and Moon rise at the same time multiple times in my life.   In all these instances I was free.  Free in my mind, my heart, and my soul.  

As I look back on my past, which is in the past, I am inspired by own self.  The path I have carved, the challenges I have overcome, the darkness I have owned, and the love I continue to share unconditionally. All because I KNOW what freedom feels like.  All because I know the power of gratitude in those “challenging” instances. 

I’m not surprised I like to write about freedom or how it evolves each time I come to it; I mean the word is tattooed on my arm.  Apparently on some level it is important to me. 

This time around I want to say this: 
Freedom is a state of mind. 
Freedom is an open heart.
Freedom is how you feel.

And I'd like to add:  Freedom is a direct relation to how balanced your Artha, Kama and Dharma are.  Put simply:  Are you living your passion?  Are you living IN passion?  Are you on YOUR path? Is abundance (in its many forms) obvious in your life?  And are you aware of the spiritual signs that cross your path every, single day?  

How free you are can be directly related to how free your mind is from being sucked into the drama, circumstance, challenges, and issues of others.  (especially the ones closest to you) 

I have been in relationships that have sucked me dry and ones that have illuminated my heart so vastly, I have felt intimately connected to the Divine. I have felt the constriction of illusion and the expansion of truth in all those relationships as well - which is really where the pearl resides.   

Here's the truth:  
Freedom is a state of mind that we can choose to experience in any given circumstance.  
Freedom is our birthright to create the life and the love we desire.  
Freedom is when you are living with passion, from your soul, and in the rhythm with your Divine destiny. 

And when you're "not" ... and life is seemingly a struggle ... pause and reflect on your mind. You always have a choice to “be” free.  Your mind is what gets in the way every single time.  Self-inquiry, soul-connection, deep truth telling, accountability and self-love will guide you back to freedom.

Freedom lives in the heart, waiting to be recognized.  It’s there guiding you. It lives in your passion, your love, your path. You just have to be willing to live in all that freedom … It’s such a place of familiar calm you can’t help but breathe into it and say … Now what?