Of course I want you to come to the Full Moon Circle tonight … and not for me, but for you.  (If you haven’t registered .. do it here)

This is a big, big Moon lovelies.  It’s in Sagittarius, the sign of fire and movement now!  Think a Centaur galloping forward … excited about life! 

Now think Jupiter … finally, FINALLY stationing direct after months of reviewing our value, wisdom, integrity, worth, and relationships.  And all this happening on June 9… the highest single digit number there is.  9 is one of the most auspicious numbers and Jupiter stations direct and merges with this Full Moon. 

This activates so much within us all … after months of getting tested, questioned and finally sparked, we are ready to inspire heart-centered leadership.  Not only that but the Sun is sitting at 18 degrees as is the Moon. 

18 ---- 1+8=9 - double potency of this nod from the Goddess.

The Moon is also sitting with Saturn … disciplined, time loving Saturn.  So our heart and emotions that we’ve been wearing on our sleeve, or sharing on social media, let’s pay some special attention to that and find our center again. 

Why?  Because Saturn wants to be sure you’re using your power properly; He’s very efficient that one.  Continue to reflect on the partnerships and commitments you are still ruminating on.  This Full Moon illuminates your life, your passions, your artha, your purpose and you can see, finally, your worth, your value, and your deep connection to Divine.  If you choose to that is.

Continue to get clearer and clearer on your heart’s purpose … continue to let go of the people that bring you down.  And of course, the ideas you continue to hold onto just you can self-sabotage.  Saturn continually asks you to face your limitations so you can truly experience your greatness … initiation and after initiation until you get it right!  

And then of course, because all this energy is sitting in a Grand Trine to Uranus and the North Node, the imploding energy may just hit the nerve from way back when; the one that’s been zinging you for years. Break free from the ideas planted in your system before you had a chance to evaluate them and see if they really worked for you. Check out and check in with ideas and perceptions that you were programmed with at the very early stages of your life.  Hi mom, hi dad.  Thank you. Yes, thank you.  Not sure if that idea works for me anymore, but I’m sure it did at some point. 

Why would you want to midwife yourself through some contractions that you yourself created?  Because you are the only one with the salve; you are the only one with the direct link to the Divine.  You know how to nourish yourself the most, and now is the time to do that more deeply than ever before. 


So you can wake up to the JOY that you are meant to experience in this life.  So you can claim NEW teachings that leave you feeling much more free and light than the old ones that may have left you confused, stuck or shackled. You’re being offered an opportunity to truly see things from a multi-dimensional reality … with your intuition.  And no, there is not an app for that.  (But there may be an oil!)

Jupiter illuminates the truth so if there’s anything in your system that is less than integrous … some loud alarm will go off. Let’s hope it’s kind and gentle and graceful yes? Nothing out of your truth can survive right now … and thankfully so.  It gets heavy otherwise doesn’t it?

There’s a magnetic energy happening now too so dive into that would you?  Stop playing small and goody-two-shoeish.  Be sensual, be spontaneous, be alive with color and motion.  Embrace every situation as a gift of abundance and mystical blessing.  It’s not every day that this happens you know. 

Basic theme here … allow your heart to sit in the drivers seat for once.  Your heart holds every single thing you need … forever.

Wisdom – integrity – gratitude – breath – unconditional love – grace

Join us for the Full Moon Circle
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**photo credit www.gostica.com