This week’s theme started out as this idea of a higher perspective.  And it started out based on the Full Moon Sagittarius that’s happening Friday, June 9, 2017 at 6:09am PST.  My heart kept going back to the idea that we are here for a reason or a purpose.  That we all have something to contribute and it all means something in the Divine plan. 

And in the last several months with all the retrogrades and the shifting and the eclipsing, we have had a lot of opportunities to re-evaluate, re-educate, re-design, re-calibrate, re-align, and re-view what feels right for us in all areas of our life. Mainly our relationships. 

But you know as well as I do that everything is about relationship. So if you’re one of the blessed, you’ve been offered situations and opportunities to up-level the way you see yourself.  And you probably also know that when that happens, it’s usually no walk in the park.  Anything that asks us to shift our perspective of ourselves to a higher realm, most often means lesson after lesson, or “test” after test. 

It’s like the Universe says, “Really, can you handle … this?”  “And what about this?  Or this?  Or how about I just dump a whole bunch of lifelong lessons into your lap … right now?” And then you hear you own voice saying, “Now what?  If I know that I want a different outcome, how will I react now…. “

Just the other day, I heard my own self saying, “Really Goddess?  Really? Can we be done already? Please?  I mean, thank you for the lessons, but I think I got it!” 

It’s like Chani Nicholas said in her most recent blog, “Take pride in what you have been able to master while taking a big slice of humble pie to sustain you through the work you’ve yet to do. “  There’s more work … if you’re still here, there’s more work to be done. 

But remember, this is all in preparation for a higher level of thinking, being, doing, listening, relating and contributing in this lifetime, so basically, no more hiding out. 

It took me until Wednesday to allow this lovely word to fall into my lap. During class on Monday and Tuesday I posed the inquiry: “Here’s the idea behind what’s swirling in my heart for this theme, what are some words you can toss out to encompass this?”  I got words like:  “a force of nature”,  “affirmations”,  “re-spark”, “life force” … all awesome words but nothing was sticking with me until this word…

Artha: one of the four aims of human life in Indian philosophy. The word artha literally translates as "meaning, sense, goal, purpose or essence" depending on the context. ... In an individual's context, artha includes wealth, career, activity to make a living, financial security and economic prosperity.

My inquiry and love with this word brought up so much; especially around this Full Moon Sagittarius.  Jupiter has been retrograde for quite some time and he stations direct on the same day that the Divine Feminine, in all her greatness, illuminates the skies.   Not only that but the Moon makes a juicy sextile to Jupiter creating positive, feminine, sensual, embracing energy as she shines bright in the sky. 

Planets are amazing aren’t they? If you want to know more about this Full Moon, I'll be holding a Full Moon Circle in Marin Friday, June 9th .. on the Full Moon ... it's quiet an auspicious day if you ask me.  Register super soon ... like now.  

This one aspect alone is pretty powerful, asking us to use our integrity, our wisdom and our innate worth and KNOWING of who we are at a soul level, to do good in the world and stop waiting. 

And if that weren’t enough, the Moon conjuncts Saturn creating a grand trine with Uranus and the North Node (did I mention that Uranus still sits painstakingly close to Venus?) 

What does that mean?  Well, that we must, right now, break free from all old relationships that do not serve our higher good.  And WE must see them as done and finished and find gratitude for what they did for us … in the past.  WE must know our worth and stop playing small; we must stop allowing ourselves to be ruled by fear of judgment, failure or loss. 

None of that is real … it’s only a ploy by the ego to keep us “safe”.  But “safe” isn’t real … right now every sense of “security” we may have thought we had, is dropping away.  If it’s not happening in your personal life, just turn on the news for maybe 5 minutes … you’ll get your affirmation there. 

And by the way, the “relationships” that you have outgrown … they may not be with people… in fact, they may be with your own thoughts.  The ones that dictate all your movements and reactions, and truly drive your life.  Those are the things I want you to look at.  Because your thoughts are only creating the physical relationships that are showing up.  If you haven’t gotten rid of that thought, getting rid of that person isn’t going to do anything … you’ll most likely meet someone just like him/her in a blink of an eye with the same thought. 

So we must now turn to the Divine … where is She you ask?  Within you.  She’s in your heart, your words, your prayers, your dreams.  She’s guiding you in every moment to trust yourself, your intuition, your wisdom, your truth, and of course, to trust her. And because she's sitting with Saturn at the time she is full, there is an element of seriousness around Her plea.  It's time to be disciplined about our goals and not get distracted or snagged by the ego.  

She’s asking you to live in joy because that is where the magic is.  She’s asking you to trust that that “one thing” you’ve been wanting to do with your life (most likely your career), well it’s time now to do it. 

Because that is your essence… your power … your force of nature … your artha. 

And right now, the world needs as many people as possible to turn off their “notifications” and listen to the notifications of the heart.  The Universe needs as many people as possible to trust that things will work out if they stop struggling and trying to make things “work”.  The Goddess is asking that we all listen to the beat of our hearts and trust that we can take that next step … that even if we can’t see what’s next, as long as we are living in truth, integrity and love … freedom will follow. 

And not just for ourselves but for all. 

Many blessings, 
Dana Damara 

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