This New Moon is potent, emotional, intense, and so very necessary. It’s passionate, sensual and in alignment with the deepest version of who we are.  Beneath the noise, the haste, and the scrolling of the 1D world, this Moon is designed to awaken us into what FEELS good … I’m feeling it, are you?  Here's how you register to hear the New Moon Recordings.

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work – breaking paradigms, shifting into new ways of BEing, trying on new versions of our Earth suit.  And for some it’s been rough.  But now, just before Eclipse season begins again, and just after the Summer Solstice, we have a momentary pause to love.

Yes, to love.  To receive the abundance that is our birthright.  To energetically align with the Moon.  To recognize our greatness and accept the Divinity that pulses through our veins.  Yes … even you.

Cancer is emotional underneath that hard shell.  Vulnerable and so very sweet and loveable, once you get past the tough outer coating of protection; and so are you.  Our heart is meant to love, to connect, to experience infinite, sensual, emotional love.  And we block it for so many reasons. 

But today, with this New Moon, we lay down our sword in surrender, and say yes to love, abundance, and deep emotionally healing.  

With this New Moon, because I am so very passionate about the Moon and Her influence, I’ve refined the way I offer my monthly New Moon course.  First .. GRAB YOUR FREE VIDEOS; they will get your started!  Then sign up for the UP-leveled version of the recordings!

Going forward, instead of just a simple, homemade video, you’ll get:

·      New Moon Aspects … Astrological, lunar and planetary aspects for this New Moon cycle.

·      PDF Slide show on general intention setting guidelines for this New Moon

·      Suitable meditation for this Lunar cycle and suggested essential oils that can enhance your practice.

·      A simple chant, pranayama, mudra, and/or yoga sequence designed for all levels of practitioners.

·      Full Moon Release and aspects, which will be delivered to you closer to the actual date.

·      Access to our Facebook community

The price hasn’t changed for those of you who have an auto-subscription either.  Nope… we’re keeping it the same. In fact, I decided to offer this one-time deal for new subscribers of this program.

Purchase this program for $18 a month, cancel anytime.

*Or, purchase an entire 13 Moons upfront for only $198,
giving you two months for free.

*This option is available in June 2017 ONLY as an intro special.

I believe in the power of the Moon.

I believe in the power of love. 

I whole-heartedly believe in following your passions. 

And I know, that at the core of who we are, we may never change. However ... the expression of our truth, if we are awake, shifts and transforms throughout our life.

This is an example of mine.  The Moon has never let me down, nor has she put me in a box where I feel confined or reliant.  No, the Moon has only offered me a consistent practice, a dedicated process, and an undeniable illumination of my own integrity, commitment, and connection to the greater expansion of who I am as long as I keep showing up with an open heart.

Join me on this journey … it’s only going to get better.  Get your FREE videos or begin now

Om Om Om

Dana Damara