The sky this week is a blaze with tumultuous energy designed to awaken us to our highest selves, beyond anything we have ever witnessed.  There is a beautiful trine in the sky with the Moon/North Node conjunct in Leo, Uranus/Venus in Aries anchored by Saturn/Sagittarius.

That’s a lot of fire if you ask me!  And when I think of fire, I think of burning away old karma; I think of releasing what no longer serves; I think of initiation; I feel like burning any residual obstacles that remain, on any level of our being, so we can truly step into this new paradigm.  

With Saturn in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini, there is an opportunity to move past old wounds with a stabilizing energy that can help you define your next steps.  So if the creative process is present of you right now, but it’s still a little unclear about what is next … just sit.  Sit with it – meditate on it – pay attention to the signs around you and let it percolate.  Saturn in Sagittarius can feel very stabilizing and anchoring, so just trust that.

The Moon/North Node in Leo (more fire!) urges you to come to terms with the emotional and intuitional side of the self.  The Moon (our emotions) is holding the point in the sky that holds our life lessons – our karma.  In this case the Moon illuminates the emotional healing that is necessary to help you realize and take action toward the life that you’ve dreamed of.  This doesn’t mean you’re not living your dream… I bet you are!  But what this does mean is that there could potentially be something in your life that you have outgrown karmically, and it may involve an emotional upheaval to let it go. 

The other side of this equation is Venus/Uranus in Aries.  (More fire!)  I think there are two ways to look at this. One is:  you may be preparing to enter into an unexpected relationship or commit to something, that only could have presented itself with this new value or worth you have given yourself.  (Remember, Venus Retrograde?!)  This decision may manifest greater prosperity for you however, there’s that karmic burn that is necessary first …

Yeah that …

The other way to see this is:  you may have to fess up to leaving a relationship or pattern that no longer serves you. You’ve held onto this person/job/idea for too long and well, honestly, you know you’ve outgrown it … so why keep hanging on?  This energy may drag you around if you’re not careful. 

Because of where Saturn is sitting – anchoring these two conjunctions, whatever happens, know that it will take your inner voice, your inner strength, and your inner stability (powered by Universal knowing), in order to make this really happen!

So these days may feel like an initiation… an obstacle course … or the completion of something you’ve been working on understanding or unraveling. 

Make sense?

Trust that what is happening now is for the highest evolution of your soul.  And things may be working themselves out in a way that is new … but that’s because if life happened in the same way every time, and we expected a different outcome, that would be insanity right? 

Things are most likely shifting in a way that is new … trust that.  And know that you have what you need to overcome, persevere, and move forward. 

But with all this initiating fire … make sure that you respond to life (or whatever is showing up) with wisdom, empathy, gratitude and respect.  In this way you can take the heat off you and transcend all those old patterns of taking it personally.

Your initiation has begun.