I’ve been thinking about this word a lot lately.  And how it usually gets a bad rep.  It can be viewed by some as something you need to “do”; something that may weigh you “down”; or lock you “in”; or worse, something you have “issues with.”

And while one definition of commitment is:  an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.  Another definition I enjoy is:  the state or quality of being dedicated.

And to that point … because of the New Moon in Gemini, I want to offer this up for you today ….

Let’s just commit to breathing for the next … Lunar cycle.  How about you do this … look at what’s going outside in the world for just a moment and then take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Why? 

·      Because when you close your eyes, none of that is even real. 

·      When you go to sleep … none of that exists. 

·      Because in the next moment something else will be created and it will have nothing to do with the moment before. 

·      Because in the breath everything exists and nothing matters but everything makes sense.

How about this…. How about for the next Lunar cycle you…

… make a commitment to dropping into your essence before making a decision, judgment, assumption.

….make a commitment to hearing what Divine has to offer before allowing your ego to drive the car.

… make a commitment to listening to your heart before acting or speaking out.

… make a commitment to play.  To laugh, to ignite that divine nature within yourself.

… make a commitment to listen, to be patient, to drop into Source instead of social media.

… make a commitment to love yourself FIRST and then check Instagram.


This doesn’t seem so bad now does it?  And it’s really not anything you need to “do”.  And it’s nothing that will weigh you down or lock you in; if anything you may experience a sense of lightness and freedom.  And, I hope you wouldn’t have an issue with this interpretation of commitment because it’s all for … you.

With Pluto squaring Venus things can get a bit tricky … it may be challenging to handle that aspect.  But what if you did it with love and gratitude and hope for what’s next?  With humor around the irony of it all?

And with Mars opposing Saturn, there may bea fire inside of you that wants you to just GO!  May the breath allow you space to wait and trust.

And finally … keep in mind that because Mercury and Neptune are both pointing their “fingers” at Jupiter … you have the opportunity to create something very mystical and grounding for yourself and the collective.  Something that expands beyond your own human understanding … You just have to trust it and believe that in the breath it will manifest.