I looked up the word prosperity and it said …

a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition,
especially in financial respects;  good fortune.

Which okay, I can get on board with that.  But … why do we immediately go to the idea of money when we mention prosperity?  I mean there are so many other aspects to our lives isn’t there? Prosperity is not just about money ….

Prosperity is about being in a state of thriving … of flourishing … of abundance.  And I think about all the areas of our life we can potentially feel prosperous. 

Love – relationships – joy – spiritual connection – health – career – comfort…

All those are areas of our life that completely deserve attention don’t you think?   I mean, we could be completely prosperous in money, but what good is it if we are depleted in our health? Or if we are poor in our relationships?  Or experiencing poverty in love? 

None of that money matters, now does it?   I don’t think so but that’s just my opinion.

So maybe it would make sense to define prosperity as:

A balanced state of being that allows for a successful, thriving, connected existence.

Oh yeah, I like that a lot! 

But most of us do not experience that do we?  We feel like “something has to give in order to be “prosperous”.  But I don’t believe that to be true.  I believe that we can create a life that is balanced and prosperous.  That offers us success in multiple areas without overexertion, overextension, or overwhelming effort. 

Do you believe me? 

If you don’t, there in lies the issue. Our life is what we make of it.  Our perception and our thoughts create that which we know to be true in our hearts.  And when we are experiencing a perceived lack anywhere in our lives, on some level (most likely unconscious) we don’t believe that we are worthy of receiving or experiencing that type of prosperity. 

And all that is just a pattern in the mind … or the heart. 

Prosperity is NOT about getting anything either.  Or attaining or consuming anything.  It’s about allowing yourself to accept that which you deserve.  It’s about you knowing that you deserve all the good, all the light, all the love, all the comfort, all the money, all the love … that your sweet soul can hold. 

Do you believe that? 

If you don’t … here are some affirmations for you to try…

·      I allow prosperity into my life like it has never entered before

·      I deserve the best

·      My income (time, energy, love) is increasing exponentially

·      I love myself

·      Life supplies me with more than enough to thrive

·      I express myself my highest greatness

·      I am open and receptive to all good

Try that on for 30 days .. let me know how that goes …