Wow .. this word!  This word!  I love it and bow to it in reverence …

Here’s the definition according to

the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior
of others or the course of events.

I’m not sure of that definition … I have a different one. 

the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior
of yourself or the course of your life.

Personally … I like my definition better.  Why?  Because our own internal power is all we ever need to be concerned about.  How are we managing it?  How are we using it?  Are we depleted or energized?  Where are we giving it away?  Where are we leaking unconsciously?  Where are we out of balance in relationship to ourselves, others and situations in our own life? 

I believe those questions will serve our society and our future as a whole much better than, “How can I influence others and their behavior?”  Or “How can I influence this situation to best suit my needs?”  Honestly, I think this is the exact reason why we are in so much trouble and chaos right now – the continual idea of separation, greed, and control over another.

Power comes from within and it is channeled from the Divine … and it’s our choice how we decide to use it, wield it, tame it, and direct it.  All we need to do is take the pulse of our own life… how are you feeling? Your body will tell all … trust me. 

Take stock of your internal power … if you could rate it 1-10, where would it be?  Can you identify your power leaks?  Where are you still in a power struggle?  Can you let it go?  What would happen if you directed that energy elsewhere? 

Those are the questions you want to ask.

We could all benefit from knowing how to best utilize our gifts, talents, and power right now instead of looking to see what everyone else is doing, and trying to keep up or influence another. My thought is that this type of witnessing would best be started at a young age –call me crazy.  As I can fully attest to, a teenager with power is a bit unsettling at first, however, when my heart witnesses this power in her, it is nothing less than exhilarating and uplifting. 

Any time there is discomfort in a relationship, there is a power struggle.  Remember that the discomfort represents a power struggle you are having within yourself and not with that person at all. 

What is it?  Find the root…
Examine it
Claim it
Decide what is best to bring it into balance for


Where are you having a challenging time recognizing and utilizing your power in a way that is directly connected to Divine Source and connection?  That is the real question … it’s never ever about the other person or situation ... it’s all you.

Time to take ownership of your power people… you ready?