So interesting … this word clarity.  Clarity of body, clarity of mind, clarity of speech, clarity of actions, clarity of heart.  Which comes first?  Well, I think it depends. 

If we look at the density of our bodies, I might be inclined to say the body first.  Then maybe the mind because, well, the energy in the mind is so fast paced and erratic. And then, the heart, because it’s infinite energy that holds, well everything.

So let’s say clarity of body comes first.  The body gets stagnate, every day. It’s subject to tension, tightness, stress, anxiety, other people’s stuff.  Our body is this vessel that we walk around in every day, experiencing life, bumping into people, consuming energy.  So, ask yourself, on any given day, what has your body consumed?  Is it your stuff?  What have you consumed via food, drink, conversation, media, energetics, notifications on your phone?  Was that consumption conscious or unconscious? 

The answer is, a lot of what we consume is unconscious and that’s because, well, the mind works faster than anything else.  So we react prior to breathing or thinking things through. 

So move your body first since it’s the first thing that meets this human experience.  Run, yoga, dance, make love, commune with nature … whatever your mode of clearing, do it and do it now! 

But maybe, our body is reacting to what’s in our mind…. Hmmmm ….so which is first? Clearing the body or the mind? 

Hmmmmm …  there in lies an issue.  Maybe we “need” to sit and breathe and meditate every morning first.  Clear the mind first!  Yes!  That’s it.  Mediate, clear the cobwebs … but hang on ….

… regardless of which comes first to clear, isn’t it the clarity of heart that matters most. Doesn’t the heart hold it all?  Love, light, memories, gratitude, experience … isn’t the heart the epicenter of the chakra system?  Doesn’t the heart even have it’s own brain? 

How important is clarity of heart anyway?

My philosophy?   The clarity of heart is everything.  The heart was the first thing formed, it’s the pulsing muscle that holds every story, every emotion, every impulse so we have to ask ourselves one simple question….

Are we pulsing, reacting, moving through this world based on love?

Or is the ego driving everything from stories, experiences, reactions?  If the heart is in charge then of course, clarity of heart needs to happen first and foremost.  So forgive, forget, love, display gratitude, embrace, have compassion … love … love, just love.

But geez, which to do first? One could potentially get wrapped up in the choice and give up right? But no, do not dismay, do not give up, do not choose … here’s my answer. 

Do it all … everyday.

Be committed, be devoted, be vigilant, be open, be aware … and get clear.

Breathe, move, pray, chant, yoga, dance, commune with nature … do it ALL. In as many moments as possible so you can become a fine-tuned channel to the Divine.

So that when outside influences begin notifying you about something that is happening somewhere out “there”, you remember what is important which is what is inside. 

That is the only thing you ever need to be clear about … ever.