Whew ... courage, what a word.  I was told by one of my amazing teachers once that the word courage actually radiates the highest vibration when it comes to connecting with the Divine.  That blew me away.  One of the most powerful virtues, she said.  Because it creates.  It creates the next thing based on your decision to make a decision that best suits your development, if you are present that is.

It doesn’t mean you will make the “right” decision … it just means you will make one based on your heart perhaps and not the inner workings of your mind. 

I believe courage happens in every moment.  It happens when you leap forward into something that is unfamiliar.  It happens when you relax in the familiar.  It happens when you speak your mind and when you listen.  It happens when you move forward and when you let go.  It happens when you stand strong and when you open up to vulnerability. 

Courage happens every moment of every day. Are you present to how courageous you are? 

It takes courage to:

Speak your mind.
Say yes.
Say no.
Tell the truth.
Reach out.
Sit in un-comfortableness.
Be content.
Be vulnerable.
Be still.
Leap forward.

What a concept – it takes courage to love. Yes … that is the courage of all courage. 

To love what? 

Another person.
People you do not agree with.
Your children.

Courage to love … to love it all and move with a grace and ease that is palpable.  To step out on a limb without knowing what is going to happen.  To put your heart out there not knowing how or if it will be ever be received. 

Courage to be present …

Yes .. to be present to it all.  To SEE it all from the view of your heart.  To WITNESS it all with breath and a knowledge that nothing is yours except your heart and your reaction to life and love.