Not just vulnerable ... but deeply vulnerable. 

I’ve been reflecting a lot already and we’re only 13 days into this Venus Retrograde. A long way to go in my opinion – a lot deeper we can travel.

Venus Retrograde is, in my humble opinion, one of the most powerful times to regroup, realign and dive deeper into the heart than we think is possible. She’s all about relationships, intimate relationships; the ones we hold most dear – the ones that offer so much love, joy, angst, and reflection.  She bears all so we can feel all.

And while she’s in retrograde we’ve experienced a Full Moon Virgo, a conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Chiron with a drive by of Neptune, all in Pisces. Oh and Saturn just happens to be resting in Sagittarius squaring that conjunction with the Moon. Oh and, you know … Uranus is opposite Jupiter .. shaking things up just a bit. 

What does this mean? 

Deep vulnerability. With some breakdowns to breakthrough. With a new plan for truthful structure.  Deep healing for yourself and maybe even the ancestors before you, and the children after you. 

It could equate to a shift storm for some of us …

...yes, a shift storm.

You know … a bit of a shake down in order to find a new center of ourselves. 

Overall it means that we have the opportunity right now to heal our oldest wounds to date.  But we have to travel deep to do that.  We have to drop our masks, our shields, and our weapons to achieve that.  We have to dive deeper than ever before so we can see beyond any illusion we’ve told ourselves; any story that has kept us safe or comfortable. 

We must go all the way through the seven gates to get to the Underworld of our own story.  We must bear all, admit all, lay down our defenses, and get real.  We must look into the eyes of another and tell the truth.  We must feel into our own hearts and hear it’s yearning for liberation. 

And that’s not always comfortable is it?  It’s so much easier to coast along on the surface.  It’s so much easier to keep deep feelings to ourselves … so much safer.  Deep vulnerability may bring an unexpected outcome … it usually does actually.  And it may not be what we want to hear, or feel or experience. 

But if we are deeply vulnerable we must be ready for truth.  In all our rawness we have to be unattached to the outcome and that is challenging as well.

It’s like coming out of Ustrasana and folding right in Child’s Pose. No … no can do, keep that heart up and feel the pulse of it all.

Right now the old saying, “the truth will set you free” is more revealing and most appropriate than ever.  It carries resonance with the astrological orchestra we are experiencing as we speak.

What are we afraid of anyway?  When we reveal ourselves – what are we afraid of?  What is it? Because from what I’ve experienced in being vulnerable, the deeper I go, the more I admit, the more I expose, the more I feel, the more I expand, the more I love.

Here’s what I think …

I think that the heart is the most resilient organ in the body. It pumps blood to every crevasse of our being.  It energetically holds every story ever written about us from even before we were born. It knows everything, it holds everything, and it wants nothing more than to connect. 

And yet we shield it, we protect it, we deny it, we shut it down.  We put everything before it; why?

Because it’s been broken? 

The heart can’t break.  When it feels like it’s breaking ... it’s actually breaking apart in order to make more space for love.  It falls apart to put itself together so it is bigger and more illuminated.  It’s past resentments and grief only serve to create a larger container for a bigger capacity to love deeper, stronger and fuller as you grow older.

It’s time to listen in … to dive deep and be true.  The heart knows.