I’ve been looking inside, really tilling the soil, uniting with my tribes, marching, discerning, breathing, practicing, and living my life in a way that is awake as possible, as often as possible.

And honestly there are days that I still want to slap someone.  Not anyone in my immediate circle, or even my outside circle.  No, there’s an urge to slap just one, in particular person.  It’s crazy really.  There have been days when I visualize the moment so clearly it makes me laugh.  I don’t normally feel rage … or anger … or visions like this so it’s a bit off for me. 

But when I do, I take a breath and widen my aperture.  Because when I feel this way, it usually means that I have gotten too wrapped up or entangled in the microcosmic happenings of my own life.  I’ve gotten sucked into the drama of humanity or this insanity that is happening right now.   And yes it is insanity … repeating patterns that only create more of the same outcome, hoping for something different. 

We all do it … we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.

And … it’s our job to rise above it.

I looked up aperture and it said:   

a space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera.

Ha … I LOVE that!  You see, I believe that our entire life is a holographic image.  Everything we experience is a product of our own thoughts, our own words and our own actions.  So we actually experience that which we are thinking, being, or doing on some level.  It’s all just a reflection honestly.  And I’ve been bearing witness to some interesting things lately; both in my own life and outside myself, that are definitely a reflection of my own thoughts, served to me as a karma pie in order to clear the energy. 

And this time I’m not fighting it; I’m not avoiding it; I’m not a victim to it … I’m embracing it. I’m witnessing it all from a higher perspective with love in my pocket and breath as my sword.  Cutting through all illusions, multiple dimensions, societal beliefs, family patterns, and childhood triggers because you know what?  It’s time. It’s time to look at what we perceive as darkness as the greatest gift ever and shine the light straight on it.  And that’s not always easy because it might be a big mess; or it might be super tangled; or it might mean scrubbing in the deep corners. 

But it’s time to widen the aperture and see things from the higher frequency of love – believe me, it makes it so much easier.  Love is like this magical elixir that turns any “job” into a privilege.  Even the most messy, the most tangled, and the most hardened of hearts. 

 In order to widen the aperture, we must allow the light in.  But the light won’t come in unless there is a dark spot, a space that needs light.  Now is that time.  Everything in our awareness, in this movie we ALL created is ushering us there.  To the darkest places of all of our souls. 

Everything!  Current astrology, our political arena, environmental issues, immigration concerns, land usage, education matters, any hot topic … name it … it’s all BEGGING for the light. 

And that can be overwhelming to be honest.

Interesting to consider if you really think about it.  Especially with this Full Moon Leo, Lunar Eclipse happening today.  Especially with all that is happening collectively now.  It’s a lot isn’t it?

This particular Lunar Eclipse is about clearing out anything that had been brewing in your life since September 2016 that is no longer serving you or your Divine path.  And … because of particular planetary aspects, it’s mainly about … love.  Yeah, love.  Of all kinds:  family, intimate, Earth, self Love.

Love is a big energy … it’s the only energy to be honest.  And if are wise to that, and on board with that, we can and will exhale, and widen our aperture so that’s all we see.  So that’s all we experience.  So that’s all we know. 

And believe me, I get it … it’s challenging.  We are ALL navigating some tumultuous waters; collectively and individually.  Right now could be misconstrued as a tsunami actually – no joke. 

And - I believe it’s all going to okay.  And - I believe that if we widen our aperture and look at things from a higher perspective, we will be able to exhale.  We will be able to recognize our-Self in all of this.  We will be able to witness the Divine path(s) and clearing(s) in our lives so we can contribute accordingly. 

Widen your aperture.  Take higher seat.  Look at all of it as if you had box seats to the most epic movie ever.  Where is the love?  Where is the healing?  What are your super human powers?  Are you using them?  What’s stopping you?  What do you keep bumping up against?  If you sit a bit taller, breathe a bit deeper, and truly witness the love, you’ll laugh, smile, find the joy and experience this life as it was meant to be experienced.