How can we possibly discern what is true for us and beneficial for the evolution of our soul when we are bombarded by life?  And by bombarded I don’t mean that we’ve lost control some how.  I just mean … sometimes life moves at the speed of light and honestly, we start to move at that speed without knowing it and that’s not always the best thing.

Discernment is defined as the ability to judge well.

·      What does that mean anyway?  To judge well?  I’m not sure I agree with that definition.  In my humble opinion discernment can be best described as:

A moment in time where we are offered an opportunity to know what is right for us.  A moment in time when we choose what resonates deep within our heart.

·      A moment in time when we make a choice that best suits the evolution of our soul.

·      It’s the space between breath and reaction. 

·      The quiet stillness between the conflict of the ego and the soul. 

·      The internal knowing of what is elevating us and what is contracting us. 

·      It’s the emotional time out we take before reacting from a patterned, triggered place. 

Discernment comes from feeling … not doing or strategizing – or even observing. 

It comes from feeling. 

So I have to ask you … how are you feeling right now?  Really, truly?  How are you feeling?   I can tell you how I’m feeling on some days … when I totally engage … depleted. 

I feel depleted by the negativity. By the magnitude of the issues at hand.  By the feelings of powerlessness.  By the separation.

By my unending disbelief with the state of our world.
How are we HERE … really?

There’s just so much … we can’t possibly keep up. Nor can we fix it all.  And we can’t possibly make sense of any of it.  So what do we do?

We discern what is real for us in THIS moment.  How we FEEL about certain issues at hand.  We feel into the reality of this breath and how it deepens or quickens based on what we are witnessing or reading or sharing. 

We ask ourselves … does this moment in time, and how I’m spending it support my expansion or does it contract me?  Does what I’m doing help to elevate my heart to experience more love or does it deplete my energy?  Does what I’m doing contribute to a positive influence or not? There is no more important time than now to protect, conserve and discern our energy. 

This was written by my mentor/teacher Chinnamsta Stiles … I couldn’t have said it any better:


Conserve prana in order cultivate utter discrimination and laser focus. 

Daily take time to process, to pray, to repeat your mantra, to meditate, to seek space, silence, nature time. To protect your mind.

Question when you speak or share anything if it is aggravating a state of fear, anger or delusion for yourself or/and others (Patanjali Sutra II,34) if so, delusion, insanity of the mind are the result.

It leads to perpetuating suffering as Patanjali puts it. 

Or are you choosing to contain your energy 24/7 and build your courage, strength and stamina. To rise, resist and fight when appropriate. To cultivate smartness, cleverness, wise use of strength, wise use of means and tools.

 This is the time to use all 18 arms of Maa with profound wisdom. To speak to all 10 Maha Vidyas ( the ten wisdom Goddesses) and seek out their guidance, their wisdom. This is an example of the scriptures revealing how the trinity of Gods asked the help of Maa as they were unable to fight the demons and there was chaos in the world.  

From her primal form she created her army of 10 Goddesses with numerous invincible qualities in order to restore order and protect goodness. Every time you repeat & share negative energy it will multiply thousand-fold. Remember Maa is holding a bowl to catch all the drops of evil blood to prevent them from spreading and multiplying.

 This sharing is meant to support and elevate you in your personal daily life. It is meant to protect goodness and to help you cultivate that which is lifting you.