This week's theme has been swift intuitive discernment. Meaning you have the ability to truly step into Ninja like action when you stop and breathe. When you look around at what's real and take your illusions seriously. Holding them up to the light for further investigation. Releasing them from your field through sweat, tears, journaling, screaming, chanting, and saying once and for all … enough is enough

Energy moves and realigns when you take accountability for the epic realness and rawness of your humanity. When you love this vessel you get to inhabit day after day and re-member that it is only a house for your infinite soul. 

That’s where I want to make decisions from - my infinite soul.  Because the soul knows all, feels all, recognizes all, and moves along with the pulse of the Earth.  But the soul has one tough job; it yearns to be heard, seen and honored beyond the density of this vessel that we adore and cling to so dearly.  

You make decisions all day everyday, and most of those decisions are made in haste, in a hurry, in a quest to please and accommodate the ego.  To keep time with what you think is real because well, it’s happening isn’t it?  It must be real. 

And the odd thing is that most of those decisions are unconsciously constructed from old experiences that created a grove – a thought pattern.  But you don’t take the time to investigate – you just react.  To add to this whirlwind human behavior, you have a vision of your future.  You know the one – that one you’ve planned so diligently and thoughtfully for yourself; that must be real too.  And all the steps you take and decisions you make to get “there” – well all that is real too. 

Until something happens in your life and you come to terms with what illusion really means.  It slaps you in the face because you are awake now and you have left the Matrix.  And you are shaken to your core and into the essence of who you really are.  Beyond what you think, but instead of what’s really real. That’s when you begin the discerning process.  When the heart and the ego go head to head; or heart to heart I suppose. 

Your intuitive nature is born through the third eye; you “see” things from a higher perspective when you take the time to drop into the energy of your “sixth sense”. Truth is revealed in dreams, in meditation, and in moments of stillness when you are calm enough to “see” what’s real.  But lest you forget that those powerful insights metabolize and materialize through the belly – through your Divine will.  It’s where you move from, where you purposefully direct this vessel from, throughout your life.   

The solar plexus holds truth, purpose, power and passion.  But it also holds anger, resentment, fear and confusion.  Over time and through the cauldron of your life experiences, you may lose your ability to make sound decisions based on what’s real.  You react too quickly or think too much and your path gets murky.  The good news is that all those “wrong turns” aren’t wrong turns at all.  They are perfectly orchestrated, so don’t beat yourself up.  They brought you to a higher level of awareness and that’s the best feeling ever!  Plus – stop thinking that you know it all. You don’t.

When you can surrender to that, you soften into your decisions and that’s what makes discernment easier.  You tune into each experience slowly with a heightened awareness and you know when it’s coming up for deeper alchemy.  You see through the murky waters of your life and discern what’s real and dissolve old patterns effortlessly.

This Full Moon Gemini and all the powerful aspects are conspiring for your highest good of truth, freedom and love. But not without a few bumps along the way.  This Moon will definitely rock your world … and in a good way.

There is no time for illusion, no time for over-processing, no time for sitting in the past. 
We need leaders that are awake and alive to the truth. 
We need Spiritual Ninjas aligning their body, mind and soul with Divine guidance. 

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