This week’s energy is palpable, sexy, passionate, and full of invitations to be free.  Free from what? I don’t know - that’s up to you.  But the truth is: now is the only real moment we have.  So often we compromise, we plan, we strategize to “make things work”.  But where in that is true, magnetic desire?  Are you making decisions and plans based on what you truly desire, or do your decisions follow a pattern that is outdated, outgrown, or not your own?

Venus and Mars conjunct each other this week, just in time to sync in with the powerful Full Harvest Moon in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac Wheel.  This is breathtaking all on it’s own. This Union takes place in an 11 Universal Month, and, the lovely couple will also Trine Pluto, creating an energy that is full of anticipation.  Now combine the fact that Jupiter enters Scorpio for the next year or so, and you’ve got yourself an enmeshment of sensuality, excitement, desire, passion, and purpose. 

It’s about time, that’s all I have to say.

The hunger and yearning will continue to become increasingly palpable, the more you align with what’s happening in the stars whether you know it or not … I promise. This is a time to take chances, to risk it all, to say how you feel, to go for what you desire without fear; to feel passion in everything you think, say, and do. It’s a time to really feel into the womb of your own existence and move from that place, and nowhere else.  It’s time to stop compromising and really step into the existence that pulses from your heart.

The theme this week is desire, and when I looked up the word this is what it said:

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

And it got me thinking…

We all yearn for something don’t we?  We desire things, an outcome, a title, status, a person, we simply desire.  It’s our nature as humans to desire things.  And if you say you don’t, think again.

Although, while I was driving to class the other day, a thought crossed my mind that I think is worth mentioning. 

What if our deepest desire was to be completely present
in whatever moment we are in, without desiring it to be any other way?

Is that even possible?
I think it is. 

But it takes a minute to calibrate and truly experience that, doesn’t it?  To recognize that the moment we are in, we created a while ago based on a desire. And that moment is happening in it’s perfectly, divinely orchestrated time.  For further contemplation, if we are indeed desiring something outside of that moment, well, that’s okay too because if it’s a thought, it’s happening somewhere in the ether, just not right in this exact moment.

So you can yearn, pray, wish and want, without an attachment and you can witness the desire and know that it’s on it’s way.  If you can enjoy and be with what is happening right now, you’ll only create speed in receiving that desire.

Now here’s my question … what if you took that pulsating feeling of desire into the moment you were in, and actually used that energy to enjoy the current situation, person, connection – instead of wishing for something different?  Meaning, if desire if just an energy … why not apply it to what’s happening now?  In this breath, in this eye gaze, in this embrace, in this moment. Because when you do that, you elevate the energy of the moment that is happening, creating a higher vibratory frequency to that moment.  Which then, will most likely create more of what you desire, simply because your vibe is higher.

Make sense?

It’s all energy really.  Desiring something is phenomenal and magic; it comes from the upper realms of consciousness.  When you use it in conjunction with gratitude and deep presence, noticing the erotic simplicity and beauty of the moment, you’ll just create more of “that”. Whatever “that” is for you.

Oh yeah, I’m digging this theme big time.