This week’s New Moon in Libra is all about balance and harmony.  That’s because it sits conjunct Jupiter (in Libra) and close enough to Mercury (in Scorpio) to stir up some sensual, expansive connections in our most intimate relationships. Using this astrological medicine this week, has the potential to create harmony, love, and balance in relationships and partnerships.  Expect the unexpected and be ready to pivot in order to create expansion into love, joy, and financial abundance.  

This week you have an opportunity to change your perspective on, well, everything. But that’s going to take awareness to notice it, and then courage to act on it.  In fact, it would be a great idea to actually do things exactly the opposite of how you’ve been doing them this week, just to see how it feels.  When you do that, it could attune your life even deeper with the flow of the Universe.

Good place to start - intimate relationships.

Why?  Because intimate relationships represent what you are experiencing in this moment, within your own self. The energy mirrors your heart.  In order to find balance – you need to notice and take accountability for what you are witnessing. Intimate relationships could be sexual relationships, family relationships, work relationships, or those people that are in your field every single day.

Here’s another thing I’ve been contemplating when it comes to the word balance.  When we take a look at the current state of the world as it is right now, we may be extremely concerned about where we’re headed, what we’re doing, and how everything looks so out of balance and in such a chaotic mess. 

But what if, just what if, what we were witnessing right now, was actually happening to bring us back into balance?  That all of this perceived chaos and negativity was really for the betterment of our entire existence?  What if all these things that are happening, must happen right now, in order to completely eradicate the way things have been, because the way they have been just does not fit the mold of how existence will operate? 

And what if we were just sitting in the middle of that pendulum swing, where we are experiencing both dark and light at the same time?  Which by the way, we must do in order to actually see the disparity and make a decision of what we want to experience, based on a completely new outlook on life?

Mouthful isn’t it?

I mean, we have the opportunity to create and sustain “unconventional” relationships that will actually contribute to a higher resonance and vibration, because they are based out of joy and love, and not illusion or obligations.  We have the opportunity to forgive and let go of all hurt, anger, shame, and grief so we can choose to move forward in strength, courage and love. 

Personally I believe that present moment is showing us the dark side so we begin to ask some tough question about our values, morals, and beliefs.  I think we’re being asked again, to stand up for what we believe in from our hearts; not from a stance of anger or separateness but instead from a place of oneness, grace and peace within ourselves. 

So … yeah, balance.  It’s not just about balancing on your mat although, that is a great way to begin this process.  It’s about balancing your thoughts, words and deeds to be more attuned with this new vibration that Father Sky, Mother Earth, and all our ancestors are supporting us in creating.