Just three simple words, that’s all it takes to seed your life and set it into motion. But what happens is, we are bombarded by so much more than three little words each day.

We veer off course because we allow our mind to go onto auto-pilot or over-drive listening to everything that’s “out there”. We co-mingle the beating of our own heart with the beating of another. We bump into other souls on their journey and ride-along their path for a while. Only to remember our own journey is what feeds our soul, not the path of another.

We are subject to more information in one day than people just over one hundred years ago assimilated throughout their entire life. We can’t possibly keep up with the whisper of our heart!

Or can we?

Yes … yes we can.

We stop and listen and we listen often. We drop what we are doing and listen with our hearts, not our minds. We ask for a cue, a guide, a drop of nectar that fuels our movement forward and our ascension upward so we can be more of who we are in as many moments as possible.

So I ask you … with all that you have happening in your life in this moment, can you take a breath and drop into stillness? Can you sit for a moment, breathe and hear the whisper of your heart? What is it telling you? When you ask your heart, where can I expand, where can I grow, where can I open; what does it say?

Is there a situation in your life right now that requires your attention and care? Something that will offer you an opportunity to expand into a version of yourself that is more connected to Source and not just on auto-pilot-patterns? What is one word that you can cultivate to do that? To be more aware, more present, more alive, more aligned with who you are.

When I look at my life I see my heart … it’s right there on my sleeve all the time. I look at my day-to-day and I am astounded by how quickly I manifest and how lovely this life is. I am always awestruck… always. And, when I manifest situations that, from the outside seem like a struggle, I remember the call of my heart. My heart called that in because it’s just as beautiful as what I label as beautiful.

It, too, has the power to open up and expand in ways I can’t imagine for myself. Those three words guide us and we have the opportunity to see them, experience them and embody them in every single situation.

What are you words? I looked back at years gone by and some words were:

divine guidance, empowered grace, deep intimacy, vulnerability,
disciplined awareness,  trust, faith, non-negotiable brilliance

All of which showed up over and over again on those years.  So that brings me to the Now.  Those words now live in my cells so they are there … pulsating and directing my every move.  I needn’t be concerned with them … they are part of me. 

So now what?  I’ve got:

Swift intuitive discernment * Playful connection * Divine Love * Sacred Union

These words are not new for me but they are a part of my continual refinement.  So I may re-member in every moment that THIS, this is what I live for. 

Find your words, write them down, experience them, embody them and then observe them showing up almost every single day. 

Photo by Robert Sturman