I have had time to think ... to process ... to digest the amazing time we are living in right now.  And some of you may like this and some of you may not.  You may opt out to my newsletter after this but I do hope you do not.  Because we never know when some nugget will cross our path and honestly ... when we block out, drive out, or ignore that which we do not agree with, we are only creating more separation.  But you do what you need to do ... 

I marched this weekend in San Francisco.  Watched my daughters complain for some of the time and then realize later in the car the depth of their involvement and why we were really there.  And then I read article after article after article about the marches WORLDWIDE.  I was mesmerized by the photos I saw online ... blown AWAY at the support and the love that we can experience when we stand in our truth.  It's powerful ... palpable ... potent ... and it must not be ignored.  

You know, that man who has been named as our President, was quoted to have said (in response to the WORLDWIDE marches) ... "Where were all these people when it was voting time?" 

This, in my humble yogini opinion, is the response of a toddler. A response that does not take any accountability, compassion, or recognition of his "people of this country." It's a response that actually creates a sense of defensiveness. Instead of addressing the issue(s), he turns it around so WE THE PEOPLE are meant to feel like we have to DEFEND ourselves in our actions against the man that has supposedly said he is here to SUPPORT us. 

RIDICULOUS isn't it? 

Now, I voted ...and I will stand up for those who didn't. Let me try and speak for the people who didn't vote so we needn't hold onto a sense of guilt or shame around this because that won't help the issue(s) here ... 

I'm sure I'm missing something but here are some things that come to mind....

".... I didn't think my voice mattered, it never has before. I never thought THIS would happen. I didn't know enough. I was buried with work, kids, single parenting. I really had no idea that THIS MAN could ACTUALLY be President. I had no idea our country was so divided and that makes me very sad. .... "

Hear me ... it's okay that you didn't vote. It's even okay if you voted and are now recognizing the ramifications of that vote. It's okay. WE ARE ONE. And ... moving forward ... now you know .. YOUR VOICE MATTERS ... it flippin' matters ..... AND you need to start using it. 

Powerful people in my own tribe like Janet Stone, Mark Morford, Ashley Judd, Kerri Kelly, Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Mikki Willis, Nahko Bear, Michael Franti and Spearhead, and other big name celebrities ALL RELENTLESSLY used their voices to get us to listen... and even then some of us chose not to vote. 

Forget about it .. now you know. Moving on ... 

Here we are .. a new starting point. 

I believe this all happened with Divine Intervention to be honest. I believe this HAD to happen for us to WAKE UP to our own power, the power we have when we UNITE, the power we have when we CONNECT to the Divine Source within our own soul, and the power we have when we stand up and BE COUNTED in our WORTHINESS ... OUR WORTHINESS

And regardless of how you voted or IF you voted ... we are all in this together NOW.... so let's do this shall we? 

We must take care of our own selves, aligning our body, mind and hearts with the Divine so right, just, swift, aligned action can happen. 

There's no other way.

I believe in breath, I believe in yoga, I believe in plant medicine, I believe in radical self-responsibility, I believe in energy, I believe in tribes, I believe in truth, I believe in that which we cannot see and I believe in the power of the Goddess. Lives in all of us ... That Shiva and Shakti balanced energy that you may not know you had; but it's there, potentially dormant inside you ... it's time to use it. 


Join me on the mat ... find your tribes ... get connected to Source ... stop distracting, fidgeting or WAITING for someone else to do this ... it's up to us. Get clear, focused and disciplined. I'm hosting these cool workshops this coming weekend.... Pretty inexpensive way to align yourselves 

Be counted people... it's your birthright to stand in your brightest light.  NO ONE is going to do it for you, for us ... we must stand up ... sturdy, strong, in grace, in compassion and deeply rooted in what we believe in.  I'm with you.  I see you.