I know I’ve written about this before … I know I have.  Multiple times to be honest.  And I think it’s a topic that warrants revisiting over and over again.  Because clarity isn’t just something that happens one day and then the work is done

Clarity is something that is refined throughout our lifetime.  And I think that’s because we are ever shifting beings, which means our aperture, that which we view our life through, is always shifting.  So what we view each day can take on a new appearance, a new vision, a new outlook, every single time we open our eyes.

And speaking of that, we do not gain clarity from looking at something too long, trying to “figure it out.”   It doesn’t come from writing out our ideas about it either.  Clarity is not formed by reading an article, using an app, or asking a friend.  Those things can contribute to clarity however, clarity in and of itself stands alone.

Clarity is something you feel.  Something you experience in a breath.  Something you viscerally experience in a moment in time.  It’s something that can’t always be explained in a rational way.  It’s something you feel in your bones.

It’s something you just … know.

You know, over 13 years ago, I read an article that said we received more information in one day that people one hundred years ago received in their lifetime.  That makes me wonder just how much information we are assimilating in one day now … much more than our brain and our hearts can manage I am sure. 

I think that right now, at this exact moment in time, we are all being offered an opportunity to wake up and really live a life that is clear, purposeful and aligned.  I think that we are a bit off in what is important and what is true and right.  All you need to do is take a look at your screen of choice and you will see what I am talking about.  All you need to do is listen to and witness the man who potentially stands in the seat of power of our country and you will understand the depth of trouble we could all be in if this man takes power.

It is time to be clear.  And I don’t mean for a fleeting moment … I mean in as many moments as possible.  And I don’t mean to just think clear thoughts … I mean to speak and act in clear and concise ways that result in authentic connection and potent action.

We can no longer follow we must lead.  We can no longer think that someone else will take care of it because they won’t.  We must take action know and I mean it .. it starts with a very simple turn of the heart and connection to the collective. In one breath. 

Just stop moving … stop being distracted … just stop and listen; get clear and then move from there.