I do have to say, as I myself balance between seemingly two realities right now, this word is perfect for any day, but especially this past week and moving into this Full Moon energy on Friday. 

Equanimitymental or emotional stability or composure,
especially under tension or strain; calmness; equilibrium.

I’ve been describing it this week as understanding the swing on our pendulum and how far that swing really needs to go.  And knowing that, even when the swing goes high to one side (high voltage emotional outbursts), we have the ability to find the center … the space that provides the balance.

It only takes one breath … okay maybe two. 

With all this energy being amplified by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, I think this is really the only word that works right now.  Mercury in Retrograde, slowing all that communication down and illuminating miscommunications from the past.

Mercury conjuncts the Sun and opposes the Moon which is only proving to make all of this more high octane, and potentially irrational; if we get sucked in that is.

Moon squares Mars, Chiron conjuncts the Moon; … oh lovely Chiron … the Wounded Warrior, digging up those old patterns, ex-boyfriends, self-sabotaging thoughts, and ideas that we aren’t enough of anything.  

And of course, all of this sitting energy sitting in circle with the South Node, trying to be all inconspicuous and fly under the radar.  We see you South Node … and we acknowledge our past and our dreams and our doubts and we will have nothing to do with them anymore if they aren’t serving our highest good …

Just so you know.

Equanimity … yes please… more of that.

This is all very, very supercharged, highly emotional and potentially imploding energy.  And why … only for good …. Only for the evolution of our own soul. 

So here’s the deal; become the Observer; just like it says in the Yoga Sutras … become the Observer.  Keep a safe distance from loud, aggressive, passive people.  Keep a safe distance from that same voice in your own head because that is all those people are anyway … a reflection of you.  Yes really …

Stay above the noise because remember, this Full Moon is really in Pisces … where there is love, connection, spirituality, magic and miraculous, mystical encounters.  You definitely don’t want to be running a muck in old, outdated angry, resentful, unworthy energy when that happens now do you?