I have written about this topic many times … in fact, I have the Sanskrit version of this word tattooed on my arm.  And I have it placed just so, where I can see it pretty much every moment of everyday of my life. 

Why? Because truth is so very important.  It’s what drives us.  And truth is ever shifting because we are always changing.  We’re consistently refining who we are so why wouldn’t what we define as truth change just a bit along this path we call life?

Let me share my philosophy around truth:

Sometimes the truth hurts.  Sometimes it sucks actually.  But you know what? It has to be told.  And hopefully it can be told and shared in a way that is compassionate and loving.

Sometimes truth falls on deaf ears.  We can speak it but others need to be ready to hear it, resonate with it, and then integrate it into their own life, how they see fit. 

Sometimes our truth does not resonate at all with someone else’s truth. In fact, a lot of times this happens.  And in those moments it’s important to stay true to the alignment of your own side of the street. 

However … I think there are a few things we all can agree on to be true:


Guns kill people.

Most politicians are in it for themselves, not “our best interests”.

Wars are ridiculous.

“Protecting our country” and “creating walls of separation" are the same thing.

The food industry is completely, outrageously corrupt and soulless.

McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Krispy Kreme should be out of business.

It seems silly to celebrate our independence when our country is so messed up.

Our kids don’t learn about what’s important to sustaining a healthy life. 

Sugar kills people – so does processed food.

Food labels lie.                                                                     

Abuse of any kind kills a soul.  

The cost of living in most American cities is insanely high.

Intolerance creates “isms” that fuel separation.

Institutions in our society need a massive overhaul.

It’s exhausting trying to wake people up who do not want to be woken up.

Our education system is completely outdated.

It’s not okay to have sexual relations without consent.

Large corporations lie to us so we buy their product.

We are unsure if electromagnetic waves from our phones and devices cause cancer.

We all have a wound that will most likely be our greatest gift to the planet.

Women and men are created equal yes, but there is something magical about a man supporting his woman and her actually receiving that support.

Divorce of any kind sucks. Period.

Too many people are hungry on this planet.

It’s ludicrous that a professional athlete in America can make enough money in two years to feed the entire country.

It’s not okay to traffic people for sex.

AND let's not forget ... 

One breath can change everything.

Only love is real.

Every person that crosses our path is a gift and a reflection of love and learning.

Disease lives in the body and we can eradicate it just by moving, breathing, and speaking our truth.

I could go on for days and you may or may not believe me.  Truth: I have been writing these blogs every single week for over 7 years now.  Every Friday - bam - a blog goes out.  And I write them guided by love, spirit and inspiration. 

And while I am still inspired now, even maybe more so now, there are some harsh truths out there that we need to deal with.  My invitation to you is to pick what is important to you and focus on that.  Find what your core wound is and heal it.  Because the truth is, in that healing, you are healing the planet. 

Stop following the pack – get on your own path. 

Mine?  Girl empowerment.  But not without drawing in the energy of the boy.  Why?  Because it does no good to empower a girl when boys aren’t taught to respect and love from a place that is strong and vulnerable at the same time. 

That is my passion … my truth … my wound.  I’m one of the most empowered women I know to be honest.  And you know what? At 40 years old, I had a hard time telling my own father to not yell at me anymore.  And to this day, after asking for an apology, he still hasn’t apologized.  I have witnessed this behavior in my life many times, and I finally caught on.


I can chant and pray and sit for hours, but if my unconscious body holds that wound, nothing will change.  All I can do is keep my side of the street clean.  So I have learned to love him from afar.  He never learned how to speak, how to love, how to forgive.  He didn’t have the tools I do.  I’ve loved, I’ve forgiven, I’ve accepted, but I’ve never forgotten.   All I can do is keep my side of the street clean.


I cannot change, I can only heal.

Acceptance is key.

Only love is real.

Forgiveness heals all. 

So I put it out there for massive healing.  I put it out there with truth, freeing my soul so it may truly know love again.

My intention is to give girls a voice and open the door for boys to soften
My heart’s desire is to nurture awareness in our youth so they may know their truth, speak their truth, and live their truth. 
My purpose in this life is to empower young girls so they know who they are and what their worth is.  In claiming their worth, they can use that power to change the world. 

So can boys.  If boys can learn to wield their power from a place that is exemplifies a balance of compassion and strength, they can contribute to global change. 

We must all rise to our highest purpose and power.  If you haven’t noticed, our country, our world actually, is in trouble.  I have said it for years and the time has come. 

So here’s the deal…

I can no longer keep up the pace that I am running at to be brutally honest.  It’s too much and my work lies in:

Yoga – youth empowerment – women circles- mystical healing

For the remainder of the summer months I will be working diligently on the curriculum we are bringing into the schools in the fall and fundraising efforts.  Why? Because I have an incredible opportunity to bring all my tools to kids ages 10-17 and it’s too important to pass this up just to keep doing things I’ve always done. 

Why is that important?  Because WE may not see a shift but THEY will.  And that’s what I care about. 

I will no longer be sending out weekly newsletters. It’s too much.

I will no longer be writing Oms every week ... it’s too much.

I’m taking a break so I can work on my passion, my purpose, my gift and my wound.

I will send our monthly newsletters ... that's it.  

I will post on social media what is relevant but most likely only one time. If it interests you, it will find you.

I will focus on real time conversations, deep connections with my daughters, my colleagues, my loves.  


What’s your wound?  What’s your gift?  What’s your truth? 

Embrace it, know it, use it … Now.