I know it's a week early but I couldn't wait to post this blog.  With Mars stationing direct, the New Moon in Cancer coming up, and my time alone without my kids coming to end ... I had to post this now.   This is an important pivotal time, if we are open to it and sit quietly for a minute.  It's a gateway to radical shifting that may require a five degree turn or maybe a 180, I'm not sure .. but I do know it's time for new beginnings.  (I'll post the New Moon Cancer class on Friday)

Those of you who know me, you know that I have had admittedly, several new beginnings in my life. 

Get ready, here comes another one. 

I’ve always believed that our lives are divided out into chapters, and each one has some epic teaching to it.  Some lesson or theme, if you will, that brings us to the next level of who we are meant to be.

Along this journey, we grow, shift, transform, expand, contract … we do all of that.  And in those times, we are most often offered something new.  A new idea, a new way of thinking, a new path, a new job, new relationship … something that challenges, heals, or inspires us.

Considering the law of energy, when new beginnings take place, activation requires something to be released. 
And if not, something, somewhere is transmuted. 
Otherwise there would be no space for this new thing.

My story in a nutshell: 

In 1991 I left Detroit to explore Southern California.  I traveled and enjoyed single life for quite some time. And oddly, almost 16 years ago to the day, I got married, which is why for me personally, the timing of this blog is poignant.  That event completely shifted my life. 

Only two years into the marriage, I went from traveling the world in complete freedom, to being a mother.  Soon after that, I left my beloved San Diego for Vancouver, Washington thinking it was the best thing for the family.  Some 11 years later I went through a divorce, which required massive shifting for us all because well, we were now a growing family.

From a stable, lovely supported home and a dream, everything shifted and I lived alone again, sharing custody of my two daughters.  Exactly a year to the date after I signed my divorce papers, I moved to San Francisco, alone.  This yielded exponential shifting, massive healing, and immeasurable gratitude.  Nine months after that, my girls moved back in with me full time. 

Fast forward to now, I’m nine months into relocating again into this amazing place I call home which requires a lot of work and energy.  And it offers up space, love, grace, magic, community and breath.   

I don't regret one thing ... not one.  I've wandered, I've committed.  
I've started over and again and again, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
It has all been perfect.

People ask, “When are you going to slow down?  Can’t you just focus on one thing?” I do ... believe me … I do.  AND I’m shifting in every moment just like you are.   I’m listening in deeply and taking notes. I’m sitting a lot … making changes as necessary but doing the best I can to drop into what is real on this upcoming new journey. 

We are all offered opportunities to start something new; to leave things behind; to take a leap; to expand our potential.  That's where I'm at ... again. 

The question is …

Do we jump in and take it or are we afraid, and hang back.

In this moment, I see myself still on the edge ... still looking behind me, asking questions, taking notes.  But there's not a lot of time to continue on that way.  It's always worked out in the past ... and it will now. Honestly, all the times before, it would have been easy to stay where I was at … in all of those scenarios.  But you know what?  That’s not my path.  It may work for someone else, but not me.  I am a new beginning kind of person. 

I think when we are offered opportunities to shift and start new we have to ask ourselves:

Why this shift? 

What is my motivation?

Will this serve the Highest good?

Then go from there.

So here’s what’s happening.  I’m shifting again.  I’m moving deeper into the role(s) of:

  • Mother of two teenagers
  • Teacher of teachers
  • Community cultivator
  • Women empowerment leader
  • Innovator of education

So please, bear with me while I traverse this shift.  I may not answer so quickly.  I may change my mind.  I may disappear off social media every now and again.  To be totally transparent, I’m an empath and I feel it all … every last bit.  I want my heart to be in alignment with my soul’s purpose with the least amount of distractions as possible. And I want to show up for myself, my girls, in my relationships, and in my work as obsessively authentic as possible.  Which means … pausing … a lot of pausing.   It means shifting … releasing … exposing … letting go … leaping forward. 

How do you know when it’s time for a new beginning?  What do you do in the times of parallel living- between the two worlds?   How do you stay clear and focused?  How do you know you’ve made the right choice?  Only you know .. you have to feel it.  I'm feeling it.

We’re here to grow and shift and if you aren’t … take a step back.  What are you resisting?   Let it go … be open to a new beginning.  More to come.