I’ve said it so many times … “this yoga thing is not yoga perfect, it’s a yoga practice.”  And I mean that.   Someone asked me the other day,  “How long do I need to practice these poses before they are perfect?”  To that I responded, “Forever.”

I’m not sure if they liked my answer or not but they still attend class so I think we’re okay. 

There is no perfect pose.
There is no perfect day.
There is no perfect relationship.
There is no perfect time.
There is no perfect life.

There is only practice.

However, I can see where the confusion started with the old: “practice makes perfect.” 

I don’t believe that.  I believe that practice just brings us to another level of awareness.  Of our ability, of our awareness, of our patience, of our compassion, of our strength, of our courage ...  that’s what I think.

And, I also think that we are always practicing, always refining, and always morphing into something that is beyond our wobbliness, triggers, self-doubt and insecurities.  Because that IS the practice.

To see who we are.
To know who we are.
To be content with who we are.
To know when it is time to elevate who we are.
To see ourselves through the eyes of another. 

And only we can know that through practice. Again and again and again.  I figure if life is a practice, we should enjoy it right? And not be so hard on ourselves, trying to be perfect.   Just practice.