You know … I’ve been sitting here the last couple of weeks pondering.  Actually, I started really pondering about two months ago when I experienced chemical poisoning in my body.  No big deal, it was an honest mistake, anyone could have done it.  But in that one honest mistake, I was unable to function at the level I was used to functioning.  And because of my self-created lifestyle, I had to continue, regardless of what was happening internally for me.  Which only slowly made things worse.  Which I’m sure most of you can understand. 

My mind started feeling super cloudy, I was much more reactionary than normal and honestly, my body hurt, badly.  I started to actually FEEL the stagnation in my mind and body that I talk about all the time; and it didn’t feel good at all. 

So I put aside time and resources to create a plan for my own healing, amidst my lifestyle, because I knew I couldn’t sustain the way I was living. I embarked on a massage program, complimented that with chiropractor appointments, essential oils, plant medicine, and then committed to an intense 10 day cleanse consisting of juice, shakes and supplements. (Which I am still living by at day 16 I may add because I feel so fantastic.)

The biggest thing that came out of that time, beyond the fact that I can now fit into my jeans, was a profound sense of clarity.   I have always prided myself in my ability to stay clear and grounded but this, this is something entirely different. 

It’s like the veils have been totally lifted and I can see through the density of this world.  And I can see my place and my vision and my purpose.  More so now than ever before.  With that sense of clarity comes excitement but more than that, a deep sadness.  And within that sadness there is, thankfully, more than anything else, an infinite amount of desire and energy to move forward on my path regardless of any outside influence

You know that feeling when you can SEE the bigger picture, you KNOW what has to happen, and you experience a bit of anxiety because the bigger picture isn’t happening NOW?  You have to sit through a process to it that tests your ability to be patient, disciplined, and committed? 

Yeah… that’s what I’m talking about.  

I am, in this moment so clear, about my mission with Girls Elevate, now to include Youth Elevate and Boys Elevate, that it’s all I can think about. Why? 

Because … I thought I was awake before, but now I am being ushered by a Higher Power of strength, influence and grace.  And that is the only thing that will help this crisis in our country. 

Using our super hero powers to recognize what pushes our buttons, what our purpose is, and just how to use what we know to make an impact.   

Our own clarity of purpose will heal the crisis on this planet.  But we must remain committed amidst so many distractions. 

And if you haven’t noticed …  we ARE in a crisis.  Our political structure is completely corrupt, at it’s PEAK in this moment actually; privileged students are getting away with rape, and 100 people are dead in one moment, for no reason.  And believe me, I know this happens all over the world. I’m very well aware of global issues that need fixing but I’ll just keep it here for now.

Regardless … this is all happening why?  

Because there is an illusion of separation.

Because I believe we aren’t taught tolerance, self-love, self-awareness, empathy, compassion and unity at a young age. And if we ARE, those topics most certainly lose their steam to academic achievement and getting ahead at some point in time.

I have to admit, I’m tired. I’m tired of preaching, of talking, of writing, of trying to bring sense into a world that continues to allow things like this to happen.  I’ve prayed, I’ve lit candles, I’ve done donation classes, I’ve sat in circles, I’ve done outreach; name it, I’ve done it.   

And I’m tired. 

But not tired enough to quit.  This all has had an impact on my heart and soul. 

The political mess – just exemplifies an odd grown up version of bullying. Mix in entitlement, privilege, coercion, and misuse of power to dominate.

The Orlando shooting – intolerance. Are you kidding me?  Why? Why? Why?  This makes no sense.  My heart breaks.  Intolerance … someone’s different so you shoot them?  Really? 

The Stanford rape – this one touches me deeply.  As a woman who experienced rape at a very young age, this one instance has spurred me into action on all fronts.

But before we can tackle anything … anything at all ..
we must recognize clarity from within. 

What are you clear about?  What do you see?  What are you witnessing?  What are you passionate about?  What are you good at?  What rocks you to your core?  What are you sick and tired of?

I’m tired of a lot of it actually.  And sometimes I want to go back to sleep; to stop seeing and witnessing all this pain and suffering and separation.  But I won’t … I refuse.  I am refueled and committed to revolutionizing education so our children and the next generations to come never have to experience this pain and separation.

Everyone does things their own way, this is how I do it. 

I can no longer sit on the sidelines chanting, praying, holding circle, and hoping that what I do in my home is enough. While I agree that it is, and if that is what YOU are doing … KEEP DOING IT. 

But for me, well, I am a Leo, a Dakini, and a mother, and I have massive amounts of fire in my chart.  For me, it’s time. 

I am putting myself on the front line of educating our youth … you know that age … the middle/high school age that no one wants to touch. Where everyone thinks that only academics matter.  And SAT scores are all there is?  Where these kids aren’t offered up the simple question …. “Well how does that make you feel?”  Where there’s all push and no pause. 

I’m over that.  This old idea, attitude and paradigm is what I believe to be a contributing factor of the trouble we are in right now. So yeah, I’m clear.

  • I’m clear about the importance of keeping the Self healthy.
  • I’m clear about the significance of creating connection and love in our immediate circles.
  • I’m clear about the value of a spiritual, yoga and mindfulness practice.
  • I’m clear about the usefulness of our individual mission and purpose.

And I’m clear that mine is taking the fuel I am offered from my yoga community, my Shaman circles, and my witchy ways, to create a program in the schools for this next generation … before it’s too late.

So I ask you … can you get clear?  Can you get really, really clear? And stop waiting for some boulder to drop in your lap.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s dropped … big time.  The proverbial elephant is in the room and massive ripples are being created … what are you going to do about it?

We just can’t wait anymore … no more time to distract, be addicted, avert, avoid … the time is now.