My goodness - this theme.  It started out as new beginnings and then I couldn’t help myself, I had to add in a bit of fairy dust. 

Practical magic – seemingly an oxymoron isn’t it?  But the truth is when we surrender to them, they actually work together quite well.  And as a recovering Type A who is definitely dabbling in “other dimensions of reality”, I have to admit that I’m not sure how well one is without the other now. 

This is my take on this subject:

Our thinking mind creates categories for everything. It judges and labels and puts things “in their place” in an effort to make sense of it all so we don’t go crazy. And while this can be all well and good, the reality is that our brain is so small and really only operates on patterns and past experiences.  Consequently, it has a limited realm of creation – that is generally speaking of course.

But the heart and our intuitive knowing … well, that combined is infinite. And the realm of possibility is actually limitless.  It’s where we can create miracles.  Things our mind can’t even conceive of because it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s where possibility is unthinkable but yet fully imagineable or “dreamable”.

So you can see where these two ideas may not work well together. But for me, I see it as a powerful partnership. I see it as two forces that are necessary to keep each in check.  I see it as one enhancing the other. 

Personally, I’ve operated both ways…. Practically and magically.  And I’ve gone overboard on both as well, dismissing one for the other.  It never worked out so well.  Things only worked out well and Divine when a little bit of practicality came along with my magic.  It only worked out well when my magic potions and spells were toned down a bit with some practical wisdom. 

Just enough humanness to my divinity. A balance of Masculine to my Feminine.  A perfect pairing of Shiva and Shakti if you will.  I say a little bit of practical magic is what this world needs right about now.   I’m writing the spells and mixing the potions as we speak.  And then I’m putting them to work in a very strategic, well thought out manner.    Good times.  

- Witchy Pixie