The December 2016 New Moon will take place on December 28th at 10:53PM PST. It will fall in the sign of Capricorn and pack energy that will need to go somewhere.  It’s time to start “seeing” things in a new way and expect the unexpected with the last New Moon of 2016.

Given that Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs, many of us will start to get into a “get up and go mode”. However, it’s quite likely that many of us are still enjoying the holiday festivities and time away from work. We’re likely not going to use this “push” to do anything too strenuous given that Mars is now in Pisces either, dancing closely to Neptune.

However, our intentions will begin to grow for where we see ourselves going NEXT.

Interestingly enough what we want to begin now is likely much different than what we thought it would be in the past. We are looking for something new … whether we know it or not. 

What stares at me the most during the time of this New Moon is the shocker planet Uranus. Uranus stations direct at nearly the exact moment of this New Moon which means we need to hang onto our hats as we embark upon setting our new intentions.  Uranus is also opposite Jupiter, which amplifies everything. 

Be open to something you could never imagined… Maybe you’re about to surprise others—and maybe even yourself.

The overall aspects of this planet are interesting.  The numerology is astounding. Combine all of this with a quadruple conjunct and Mercury in Retrograde, and we’ve got one epic threshold that will usher us into 2017. 

Which all of us are excited about … this I know to be true.

The New Moon falls on a number 11 portal, the master number, translating to double new beginnings, initiations into the unknown and truly seeing ourselves in the “other”.

This time also marks the end of a 9-year cycle breaking old paradigms, opening up to the unknown and recognizing your Divine mission

It’s time to utilize the strength and renewal of courage that is your birthright, making decisions on the path your life will take.  It’s a time of discerning clearly, pivoting quickly, and staying in balance. 

Before all of this shifting … rest is needed; clarity is necessary, and upheaval is most likely inevitable.  You may feel more vulnerable or get triggered easily as life takes on a slightly chaotic or confusing state for a hot little minute. 

Want to sail through this?

Don’t let disruption inform your life … allow it all to unfold. 

Release any grip you have … to anything.

Make room for the light and space.

Focus on truth and integrity.

Live from your heart and settle for nothing less.

This New Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which means you have a responsibility in all of this.  If you have put up a wall or border between you and anything or anyone, it’s time to drop them … now.  There is no space for separation in the new paradigm.

Because Mercury will still be in Retrograde until January 7th 2017, communication is paramount in all of this.  But not only is Mercury in Retrograde it’s also conjunct the Sun, the Moon and Pluto.  This quadruple conjunct is making a little ruckus but one that leads us to the light …

Clear and concise communication is necessary – on all levels.

Pluto is the purge planet so it’s time to purge our shadow so we can fully embrace our Divine light.

We can surrender to the light while speaking in a way that is powerful articulate and potent in creating the life we envision for ourselves.  Keep in mind how powerful our words truly are … every single thing we say matters.  Everything we say carries potency, influence and manifesting power.  

Be true.
Stay positive.
Choose joy.
Visualize prosperity.
Focus on what uplifts you.
Allow healing.

Because Saturn is so close to all of this and Uranus is opposing Jupiter, keep in mind that any and all breakthroughs will launch you into freedom.  Prepare for this undeniable feeling of joy and miraculous opportunities.  Do not try to make sense of anything … except your reaction.  Meaning … it’s time to take responsibility for what you really want – don’t let others choose for you.  Remember you hold your own power … use it.

A huge part of 2017 is truth, freedom, and love.  As we walk into this New Moon after such a powerfully chaotic 2016, remember that it’s your life.  It’s your choice -always.  The stars are an incredible navigation tool that never lie … and it’s your job to work within that blueprint to make a difference. 

I’m wishing you a powerfully potent New Year and hope to see you on the mat or in nature very soon.  Many blessings.  Join me on New Years Day for my annual Passion into Purpose New Years Class.  You can't go wrong.... let's set some powerful intentions for the New Year.  


Thank you Gaiam and Nicole Howe for this amazing photo ...