Faith is not a religion, as so I was taught so many years ago. Faith was, at that time, something outside of myself I needed to learn to believe in.  Something that I could look to for support and guidance.  Something that I had to go to and be a part of so I felt like I belonged. 

But that is not faith at all from what I am learning now …No...

Faith is knowing that you have every single thing you need inside of you.  And you needn’t look anywhere because it’s always guiding you.

Faith is what pushes you into uncomfortable situations just so you can grow and expand.

Faith is not knowing what’s next but knowing that you are headed in the right direction.

Faith is not trying to figure anything out but instead tuning in to how you feel.

Faith is finally, after forty some years (more or less), understanding that you do NOT know it all, nor will you ever.  So you might as well trust the Now and it’s unfolding.

Faith is feeling a sense of ushering behind you – a little nudge at your back, telling you to go and you do, without question, you do.