The girls and I moved into a new home this past weekend that offers us so much more space.  People would come over and say, “Wow look at all this space!”  And I found myself, in those moments, wanting to justify and explain, why the space.  As if we didn’t deserve it or something.  I continually go to the root of things though … that’s just who I am.  So I had to think about it for a moment.  What do I do when I am given more space to create, breathe, share and love? 

Apparently, I felt like I didn’t deserve it. 

So this made me look at what we do when we have space. 

Space is infinite but somehow, we try and quantify it.  We try and measure it and claim it.  But the reality is it’s infinite and it’s always changing and adjusting to our life.

Meaning when you “have” more space, it’s because you are needing that space to grow, contemplate, expand or share it with someone else.  You don’t “have” any more space, the Universe is just offering you more because well, you need it.

So with that in mind, I started thinking about what we do with space when we “get” it. Do we fill it up right away?  Do we justify having it?  Do we immediately put things in it?  And what about when there is space in a conversation?  Do we talk just to talk?  And space in a relationship?  Or in our day?  Do we “do” something to … “do” something?

What would happen if we just sat in the space and was grateful for it? Really looked at it as a gift?  Gave it the time it needs to transmute into what it wants to create?  What if we were still and quiet and just sat in it? What if, when there was space in a relationship, we could just allow that space to expand our awareness of what is real?   If we could look at ourselves and how we are relating; take a moment to inquire what we’re actually “doing”?

I think it would make a difference and here’s why. 

In space there is infinite breath.  There is nothing and everything all at once. In space lives the Divine and although she is whispering to us all the time, it’s in space that she gets to speak the loudest.  Space is a gift from the Universe that offers expansion into our idea of time, our awareness, and our connection with the Divine and all that is.

So in those moments, what do you do? 

It’s easy to recognize space in your body when you’re on your mat.  It’s easy to notice space between thought and reaction.  It’s easy to notice the space when you take long deep breaths. 

So what do you do in those moments? 

Here’s what I do:

  • I pause, sit still and take note of my emotions and where I’m feeling whatever I’m feeling. 
  • I resist the urge to talk, do something or fill it up. 
  • I ask, what am I meant to witness, notice or understand in this moment.
  • I listen intently.
  • I let my kids slide around the house in their socks before I go buying a bunch of furniture that I’m going to have to dust. 

Here’s the deal.  Space is infinite and cannot be measure, quantified, created or destroyed.  We all “take up” space, we share our space, we give away our space, we allow people into our space, and we protect our space.   

A great practice is to observe what you do with yours.  Is it creating expansion in your life or constriction?  Are you distracted, addicted or confused in your space?  Or do you tap into the Divine and download what is being offered?

The choice is totally yours and you get to decide.  Just remember that it’s a gift.  Like the breath, it’s gift.  And like the breath you can choose how deep and expansive you want it go.