Holy shit .. can I just say that please?  Because that is the only phrase that has rolled off my tongue so easily in conversation this past week!  Wow!  We are being asked to expand big time.

Do you feel it?  Are you feeling pulled? Constricted?  Weepy?  Have you emotionally vomited for no apparent reason?  Felt like you’re being ushered into a new reality?

That’s because you are … whether you know it or not, whether you are accepting of it or not, whether you want to or not, you are.  And shit’s getting real.

We are just days away from this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it’s big.  I mean big.  It’s being called the astrological event of the yearof the year.  I’ve had a hard time talking in class this week this energy is so palpable for me.  Not only that, but that Full Moon is going to be eclipsed on Sunday night.  It’s crazy and wonderful and needed and pushing every single button for some of us.

It’s asking us to look at whatever has been swept under the rug, ignored, covered up and pushed to the side.  It’s asking us to toss out all the old because space is limited to only authenticity.  Jupiter is asking us expand our container; for some of us … in every area of our lives.  And this is so uncomfortable isn’t it?  Moving into a new reality that’s big and expansive and bright.  I mean, sometimes it’s uncomfortable to sit in your greatness isn’t it?

But why is that?  What the heck?  Oh the ego …

 Not only that but Saturn is now in Sagittarius, and from what I hear, until like 2017.  And if you remember, Sagittarius is the energy that says GO… DO IT!  It’s the fire in our lives that burns like crazy if we let it.  But Saturn, well Saturn likes organization so the goal is to move, move NOW and then after the dust has settled, create a thoughtful process and strategic plan, that will allow your life to unfold into divine action without anymore running on the “hamster wheel.”

I liken this to a “controlled burn”.

My suggestion:  sit in it.  Sit in all of it; the full moon, the magnification, the truth, the fear, the discomfort, the fire, the ego.  Sit in the eclipse on Sunday night and then allow those moments of darkness to wash over you like an astrological bath of lifetimes.  Cleansing you from all the old paradigm stuff that keeps you from this current reality of ….


I get it okay?  I totally do. My life is expanding in ways that I cannot even begin to explain.  Every phase of my life is opening up and at the gateway of every door, I meet fear.  I meet this old friend who says, “Are you sure?  Are you sure you’re ready for this?  Have you considered your attachments? Your ethics? Your doubts? Have you looked at all of it deeply enough?  Because if you have … GO.  And if you haven’t, then sit with me some more because we could do this for years.  For lifetimes! I have nothing else to do but harass you if that’s what you want.

At least that’s what my fear tells me.  And I have decide instead to make friends with my fear and let me tell you, it’s been the best friendship thus far.

I have dreamt about this expansion, meditated on it, felt it in my body and envisioned the beauty that is coming, that magic that has always been there.

So I do it. I keep expanding, keep allowing, keep courageously loving my fears because beyond that fear is flippin’ magic.
I’ve felt it. I’ve felt the realm beyond this human body I walk around in every day and it's pure magic and so lovely.

Have you?  Have you expanded your breath just enough to remember that you are more than this human experience?  If not … start right now.  It’s not too late.

Breathe.  Expand.  Breathe.  Expand.  Breathe.  Expand.

Keep hitting the repeat button and do nothing else. Let this epic, magical, astrological show ... compliment, not dictate … compliment your ever expanding awareness into what is real and let go of the rest.

If you remember anything at all, remember this.

You are this epically incarnated human being that is full of fairy dust.  And at any point in time you have the choice to get caught up in the noise, haste, obligations, and contractions of the drama that comes along with being human.  But … the beauty of that is you also have the choice to step back, as far back as the edge of your reality, and see how small things really are.
It’s there that you see just how expansive you really are.

Trust me.