You know … I looked up compassion because I just had to. It said:

sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others;
pity, sympathy, empathy, care, concern, mercy, tolerance

Again, I would like to add to this if that is possible. How about:

recognizing that “you” and “I” are the same? That if we are truly living in compassion,then we subscribe to the fact that we are all One. That there is no separation and no such thing as duality. And that when we damn someone else, we are actually damning ourselves. And that when we look into the eyes of another, if we stare just long enough, we see ourselves.

Intense, I know but very true if you sit with it long enough.

I find it very easy to feel compassion for say, a global issue that is out of my control. I can meditate on the healing of that. Easy. Even easier to love and feel compassion for those individuals outside of our sphere, a stranger on the street, a homeless person we buy a sandwich for, an arguing couple on the street.

Now try compassion for self on for size. Even better, have compassion for someone who is hurting you, disrespecting you, disempowering you, or treating you less than you deserve. How does that feel?

Ah, the frustration, resentment, hurt and feelings of separateness, how they come a calling. Harassing you to react … and you better react now in the way you have always reacted. From a place anger or rage or justifying your worth and stance in this situation. Because what else is there right?

Wow. Anyone else feel that? I know I do. That’s why I am a self-proclaimed work in progress.

But wait, how about if we shifted this just a bit? What if we took a different perspective on the whole thing. What if we asked, how could this person be hurting me? There is only one of us here. This is a holographic Universe and he is me, and she is me, and we are all One. So what the hell? Why am I bothered?

Okay … so then, when we re-member that we are all one, the question becomes, why I creating and allowing this again? Did I not learn my lesson “enough” the first time? Am I not a spiritual being living this human experience in love and compassion and grace FOR ALL? FOR ALL? Not just a select few.

Whew…. Hang on. Truth: we are all one. We do create our experiences for healing. And our core issues come up over and over again, potentially through lifetimes.

That is truth. So we may experience circumstances that continually sideline us, flatten us or downright kick us to the curb.

Do not be alarmed. Even Buddha said something like, “When a mosquito bites me, I let it have its way with me. However, if it takes more than it needs or am I willing to give, I end its life.”

Here’s the deal:

We are all one. We do create our own experiences. We are living in a holographic Universe. And, there is such a thing as too much compassion directed down an alley that can’t receive it toward someone or something that no longer represents who we are.

Learn to direct your compassion in one direction … to Self. Because that is all there is. Self. Re-member? And then notice how things shift. Be compassionate to Self. Sit in awe and wonder about who you were, who are you are and who you are becoming and bless it all. It’s all a creation of your own thoughts and vibration really. So where do you want to vibrate and ignite and create from?

What feeds you? Fuels you? Ignites you? Makes you feel good?

Do that.