I’ve been watching this full moon and to tell you the truth, I am so excited to work in this energy, grounding in and getting rooted!  After all the upheaval, the transformation, the undeniable realigning … it’s time to grow some roots and be devoted to your path.  

These two words came so clearly to me and I wasn’t even sure why until I looked them up.  It’s been a doozy, this energy that started all the way back in July 2015.  Whether or not you get what I’m talking about is really just a matter of how much you’ve been paying attention.  Or more honestly, how much you’ve been willing to look at, shift, release, and accept this journey you call your life.

All I can really say about sturdy and steadfast is this:  We have been given quite a show, an amazing opportunity if you will, to realign and redesign our lives.  To live in our own vortex of truth, freedom and love.  And to be free from the things that hold us back. 

We’ve been asked to live our dharma and burn through as much karma as we are willing to churn for the sake of liberation.  And we’ve been asked to do this with a grace that is palpable, a heart that is open and a stance that is sturdy and righteous.

We’ve been asked to look at our life with a new lens that radiates from our soul instead of reflecting our past or someone else’s vision and dreams.  It’s almost as if the Universe has come in and said, “Enough living in someone else’s shadow.  Enough playing small and enough blaming everyone else around you.  It’s time to live in truth and stay there!”  As if our path has been carved out with clarity and direction and oh, by the way, all the resources you will need are here, on this path … you just need to trust and move toward it with sturdiness and devotion.

It’s happening, and this Full Moon in Taurus is doing all sorts of collaborating with the Universe to make sure you stay the course!

My question is, where are you a bit wobbly?  Where do you feel less than supported?  Why?  And if you are a bit wobbly but see the path clearly, why are you hesitating? What holds you back from following that course?  What is distracting you?  And how have you let this distraction come in again?  Because it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Now is the time to do something different.  To stand grounded and sturdy.  To move with a laser sharp intensity that is devoted to your truth, your freedom and your love.  To stay off everyone else’s path and follow in the footsteps of your own. 

Yes, your own.

It’s time and I’m wondering, or hoping rather, that you are ready.