3 Months of Personalized Mentorship


3 Months of Personalized Mentorship

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*Southern California Teachers Only
40 hours toward your Advanced TT

Includes:  (4) one-on-one sessions with me per month; yoga classes with me wherever I hold classes, and opportunities to assist in classes.

In ancient India, becoming a teacher was deeply rooted in a personal relationship with a guru or mentor. While I believe in this whole-heartedly, I also believe in being open to other styles and individuals.

Additionally, I believe that as you grow in your practice, you will seek out many teachers that will fit your practice during your life long journey. My job is to walk alongside you for the next 3 months as a mentor and continue to share what I know to be truth and help you find your own voice and creativity as a yogi.

After nearly 18 years of teaching, I have come to believe that learning alignment, sequencing, and anatomy are only the first step in becoming a great yoga teacher. The real art is in learning to hold space for your students by developing intangible skills like active listening, mindful teaching and a reflective understanding of your own unique style as a teacher.

This program differs from the coaching in that mentorship is working alongside what we are already planning in classes and workshops while the coaching is a program designed specifically for your needs and aspirations.