FREEDOM FLOW! A Special Holiday Class

Tuesday, July 4
The Pad Studios

1694 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Join me for a special holiday class... Freedom Flow!! All levels welcome.

Aligning our energy with the moon brings us closer to our Shakti, our prana, our life force.  If the Moon makes waves, then it is an undeniable truth that we too are affected by Her rhythms.  Every Lunar cycle offers us an opportunity to realign, recalibrate, reintegrate our own being into that which pulses with the Moon.  

Learn how to align your own practice with the Moon which will align your chakra and deepest subtle realms of who you are.  Understand the different cycles and rhythms; what is specific to each sign, and how it aligns with your own body.  Gather monthly rituals and integrate into your practice, connecting you deeper to Source and Mother Earth.  Learn meditations, chants, pranayama and sequencing for each Moon cycle.