Click on the text below to learn about each of my offerings. Each offering can be presented as a 2-hour introduction, weekend intensives, or  30-40 hour weeklong trainings. Download the PDF of my offerings here.


Moon Mystic: Aligning your energy with the Moon brings you closer to your Shakti, your prana, your life force. If the Moon makes waves, then it is an undeniable truth that you too are affected by Her rhythms. Every Lunar cycle offers you an opportunity to realign, recalibrate, reintegrate your own being into that which pulses with the Moon. Use the moon, the stars and the orbits of the planets as a guide to develop tools for deeper connection to the Universal flow in your practice. Balancing your body with the alignment of planetary cosmos, offers a more balanced and fulfilling journey. Learn about the Full Moon, the New Moon, Equinox and Solstice, and other natural cycles of life that affect your practice and ways to work with that energy! Once you understand the energy of the planets and how it aligns with your birth chart, we can employ that energy, creating the life you truly love. Ha-tha yoga = sun and moon. How could it be anything different. Gather monthly rituals to integrate into your practice, connecting you deeper to Source and Mother Earth. Learn meditations, chants, pranayama and sequencing for each Moon cycle.

Prepare for 90 minutes of yoga asana. Suitable for all levels.


The minute you were created by the heavens, you became love. Love is infinite and so is the energy from the heart. The heart was formed first when you decided to incarnate. When doctors look for a baby nestled in the womb, the first thing they search for is a heartbeat. So why do we hide it? Protect it? Shut it down? Close it off? It’s the epicenter of everything. It holds everything. And if love is infinite, then we can give it away all the time. We needn’t expect anything for it. We needn’t demand reciprocity. We just love. Period. We ARE Divine Love but sometimes in life, or via relationships, we forget that. But the reality is, the heart is a beacon of truth and resonates with Universal love and truth, if you allow it. Throughout life, your heart has been nurtured, filled up, stepped on, mended, broken, ignited, full and then empty again and again. It’s this amazing vessel of infinite capacity. And when it breaks, it just means that it is making space for more love. Use that love in action in this life – use the healing of your heart, to create healing on this planet. Start with the heart. At the foundation of it all, you are love.

Includes 60-120 minutes asana practice, followed by lecture.


Your energy body, your emotions, or more specifically, your chakras, are directing your life. Not a “five-year plan” like we may have been taught, but your chakra system: that which you cannot even see and are not educated on until you are much older, when the patterns are deeply set. Most are unaware of where they are recreating patterns in their life that are unsupportive of their true path. They spend years, maybe their entire life, recreating the same “looped” story over and over again, with no idea why. They are in suffering. Learn about 7 of the many chakras in your physical body, your subtle body, and how the outside elements affect the direction of your life. You work through karma to live out your dharma. Wouldn’t it be nice to discipline your power, gifts, and connection to live this life fully embodied? Yoga is an energy medicine… it’s movement of the body in alignment with breath… dissolving dis-ease of the body and neurosis of the mind. The goal is to enable energetic shifts to create true healing. Seeing beyond the physical form and into the energy field.

Includes 60-120 minutes asana practice, followed by lecture.


Speech is the essence of humanity. All of what humanity thinks and ultimately becomes, is determined by the expression of ideas and actions through speech and writing. Ideas remain un-actualized until they are created through the power of speech. MANTRA are words or phrases repeated over and over again to bring about the vibration and/or resonance of action. Our thoughts become words, our words create vibration, vibration creates our life. MALA is derived from the Sanskrit word “Japamala,” which is a string of beads used for prayer and meditation by Hindus and Buddhists (similar to the concept of a Rosary in the Catholic faith). The string is made up of 108 individual beads, which are used to keep count while chanting or repeating a mantra while meditating. The number 108 has spiritual significance and is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. The number 1 stands for God, the Universe, the Divine, or your Ultimate Truth; 0 stands for emptiness and humility in your spiritual practice; and 8 stands for infinity and timelessness. 1+8 = 9 which is an extremely auspicious number in numerology. The beginning and the end… rebirth. In this workshop we will explore MANTRA for prayer and connection, and Dana’s own Cosmic MALAS (Astrology based), and how they can support your practice.

Includes 60-120 minutes asana practice, followed by lecture.


Tap into the healing and transformative energies of the Goddesses. Storytelling, wisdom, and yoga practices that align with the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon; Ganesh, Shiva, Shakti, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati to name a few. We’ll summon energies using myth, asana, pranayam, and mantra. The Goddess lives within us all and we can call upon Her energy when we need it. These Goddesses show up as mythical stories, energy bodies of light, in Divine manifest via people in our life, here to teach us about the power we already embody. Learn how to hold space for that which we are ready and willing to transform, transmute, and manifest, as we shift our energy to align with our purpose.

Includes 60-120 minutes asana practice, followed by lecture.


About 20 years ago Dana started on a truth seeking journey that dropped her into the depths of understanding the Self through natural healing modalities like yoga, meditation, massage, dream-keeping, astrology, crystal healing, sacred geometry, chanting, and mystical encounters. It hasn’t always been an easy road as sometimes those steps in the next direction required great risk or heart wrenching surrender. But always, in the end, there was a deeper turn of my heart, expansion of my breath, and clarity of mind. She has three goals with essential oils in her life ... 1. Maintain health in the most organic way possible 2. Educate my children on radical self-responsibility 3. Eliminate the toxic load in my home and my life 3. Create residual income that can eventually support us all 4. Reducing the power of the pharmaceutical TRUTH: Essential oils are increasingly being integrated into the holistic management and treatment of disease for wide range of illnesses including cancer, respiratory conditions, asthma, migraines and heart disease. TRUTH: Essential oils are also commonly used to boost immunity, help manage weight and diet and treat the symptoms of emotional imbalance. Use them in your home, in your practice, in your class. This is all about radical self-care

Includes 60-120 minutes asana practice, followed by lecture.


Learn how to walk the mystical path with practical shoes. Gain tools and knowledge on how to navigate transformative times with grace and ease. Join Dana Damara for insight into what life looks like with dedicated yogic ritual and practice. Learn simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life that will support your “mystical” connection to Source, God, Soul, Universe, the Absolute… whatever you call that essential life force (prana) that lives directs your life. Simply put, the sooner you begin to align with Truth as often as possible, the sooner you live a life that is actually your own. You needn’t wait for that “moment in time” when you can take time to connect. The time is now and it’s more important than ever. You can bring balance, connection and love into your life with these simple techniques, now. Reduce your stress, create space and time for self-care, experience enlightened relationships, attract what you really want and live a life full of truth, freedom and love. Be prepared to change your life: Includes yoga, and integrative activities that incorporate essential oils, prayer, sacred technologies, Goddess work, and meditation/journaling techniques to keep you connected


Learn how to share your love of yoga with teens and step forward as a leader in your community. Adolescents are our future - they will become the leaders of our nation. Our role as facilitators of this program is to support them in knowing who they are, nurturing their self-esteem, supporting self-awareness, and cultivating compassion. In this course we support you in bringing that message to adolescents in the public school system, the private sector and even clubs or after school community programs.

What you will learn:
  • Yoga postures and sequencing for teens
  • Social/emotional learning
  • How to work with teens
  • How to bring this work into the schools
  • Activities for optimal learning
  • Weekly curriculum/agendas on how to create your class
20 hour training. Learn more at


Learn how to support girls through one of the toughest times in their lives. With social media running rampant and girls being tested on their self-worth and value system, judged around every corner in every second, our role is to remind these girls how amazing they are. That what they have to say is important. That a tribe of loyal girlfriends is powerful and potent. That the sacredness of their bodies, minds and hearts is a tool that heals all and can make change in the world.

Support these young women in remembering who they are and stepping out into the world with purpose, power and passion.
  • Creating sisterhood
  • Self-empowerment tools
  • Sacred tools and rituals for teens
  • How to create after school programs, camps and run retreats

This is what we focus on:
  • Foundational values
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Confidence and leadership techniques
  • Positive body image
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Truth telling
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Being uniquely you
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Using your intuition
20 hour training. Learn more at
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