Additional 100-Hour Requirements for
300 Hour Teacher Trainee Applicants 

1. Create and develop three original workshops:

  • Titles 

  • Descriptions

  • Class level and demographic

  • Props needed

  • Percentage of lecture and asana breakdown 

  • Workshop length 

  • Suggested pricing

2. Choose one workshop: 

  • Create marketing material, including flyer and social media posts, email optional 

  • Teach in a public setting with apprentice and/or mentor evaluating 

  • Video submission of workshop (no less than 60 minutes excerpts/segments) 

  • Three written assessments from students/or a senior teacher from DDE may be in attendance 

3. Teach and document 10 public classes: 

  • Style 

  • Number of students 

  • Location and time 

  • Teaching plan, personal comments, remarks and observations. 

4.   Create and submit at least two ideas for your Logo 
5.  Create a tag line – or three words that best encapsulates your personal brand in one sentence. 
6. Write a personal “Mission Statement” in four or five sentences explaining your purpose as a yoga teacher. 
7. Complete one or more of the following: 

  • Online “specialty course” approved by DDE totaling no less than 10 hours

  • Attend a DDE weekend immersion, workshop series, or approved DDE event totaling no less than 10 hours.

8.     Read one of the following:  

  • Anatomy of the Spirit” and choose a chakra to work and focus on. Why did you choose it? Document and journal your daily experience for one month. 

  • The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele and choose one to work and focus on.  Why did you choose it? Document and journal your daily experience for one month. 

  • “Shakti Meditations” by Sally Kempton and choose one Goddess to work with and focus on.  Why did you choose her? Document and journal your daily experience for one month.

9.     Assist and adjust classes for Dana Damara during a weekend immersion, work- shop, festival or conference. 

*All materials must be documented, turned in and signed off by Dana Damara. 300-Hour Certificate will be electronically or personally delivered, and will fulfill requirements for 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance, so long as applicant is in good standing as a 200-Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance.