There's a power to slowing down! Learn the Yin and Restorative side of Yoga:  Click on the text below to learn about each of our different intensive weekends. Weekends can be taken as independent workshops, and each weekend counts at 16 hours towards your RYT500. Sign up for each weekend individually, or commit to the entire path (all 6 weekends) in advance to save big. 


The systems of the body go beyond bones and muscles. In this weekend intensive we'll learn about the myofascial and nervous systems, including postures and techniques to move our fascia and support our parasympathetic nervous system.

Prerequisite: Anatomy 500
One weekend: 16 hours


Gain knowledge of the basic functions of specific acupuncture points on the body, and learn how to use them in pressure point assists. Amber Scriven will cover the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine and linking pressure points together to open and release the body physically and emotionally. Includes trigger point activation techniques. One weekend: 16 hours


Learn the foundational shapes of Yin and Restorative Yoga! Spend the weekend learning Yin shapes, how to support students with props, and how to use these shapes to access the myofascial system. This weekend we'll cover how to assist students in Yin and Restorative shapes and how to adjust your students for a deeper experience of the postures.

One weekend: 16 hours.


Dive Deep into realm of the subtle reality … your energy system. Learn everything you need to know about 7 of the many chakras in your physical body and spiritual realm. You will also learn how to harness that energy and read the energy in others. Understanding yoga postures, essential oils, breathing techniques, sound healing, taste and other healing modalities that will bring your energy back into alignment. Utilize the knowledge of the chakras to tap deeper into your classes.

Start with Sun Salutations for each chakra, add in postures and affirmations for a deeper experience. Learn about subtle energy anatomy, the structures of the energies that underpin physical reality into our physical bodies. Dana offers tools, techniques and energy based methods for making a difference. Yoga is an energy medicine .. it’s movement of body in alignment with breath .. dissolving dis-ease of the body and neurosis of the mind. The goal is to enable energetic shifts to create true healing. Seeing beyond the physical form and into the energy field.

One weekend: 16 hours. Prepare to start each day with yoga asana, followed by lecture.


Yin is a deceptively simple practice - one of stillness and support. But this stillness gives us the time and the space to get deeper into postures, deeper than just muscular engagment, into the fascia that surround our muscles and create a healthy body.

Spend a weekend with Amber Scriven learning the fundamentals of Yin Yoga: the theory behind Yin, its history as a practice, and what makes this approach fundamentally different than other styles of yoga.

One weekend: 16 hours