Dana is a teacher, retreat leader and an activist for women of all ages. She is actively cultivating community with her Embody Truth Teacher Training, a training that goes beyond the typical yoga poses and delves deep into the core of what makes each of us want to share the gift of yoga. Dana is helping to empower girls and women through the organization Girls Elevate and her regular women’s circles and retreats. She even hosts mother/daughter yoga retreats!
— WeTravel's List of 20 Inspirational Yoga Teachers

I first witnessed Dana’s capacity as she held a room of 80 practitioners while collaborating with fellow instructors. “Are you gripping your toes...” she asked not knowing I’d just returned to my practice after a ten-year hiatus. I thank Dana and her observant encouragement for allowing me to master postures I’d practiced at 30, and learn new poses at 50 I never imagined embracing.
— Elana Yonah Rosen - CEO at Media One - San Francisco, CA

Dana rocked the house at Wanderlust. She teaches with vibrancy and authenticity, and her shared kernels of wisdom permeated the room…my only issue was wanting to jot those down while I was downwarding dog!
— Jeff Scult

Dana’s classes provide a loving and safe place in which to practice Yoga. Her cueing, instruction and knowledge base of anatomy is spot on! She encourages us to explore new and different postures, while at the same time respects our physical limitations and emotional place. Dana’s joy and gratitude of daily life shines through her Yoga. Dana’s classes are helping me be IN my body. After her classes, I feel so connected with my breath and movement. I’m noticing a change (for the better!) in my posture; as well as an increase in flexibility. Her knowledge of anatomy astounds me. She encourages us to try something new while at the same time respecting our physical limitations and emotional place. Dana’s teaches Yoga from the heart. I can feel it and it warms my heart as well. I really love her teaching style.
— Susan Micheletti - Physical Therapist - San Anselmo, CA

I’ve been practicing over 18 years with some wonderful teachers and yet in a few months, Dana has transformed my practice, making it safer and more rewarding. Along with her vast knowledge, Dana’s grace, beauty and humor makes being on the mat pure joy.
— Ellen Obstler

Dana has the extraordinary gift of inspiring her (students) to push themselves beyond where they probably imagined they could go while at the same time guiding them to connect to a genuine calm, stillness and focus. I do admit I’ve never practiced yoga with Dana but I’ve had the privilege to DJ several of her classes and workshops which in turn allowed me to observe her in action. The main ingredient Dana brings to (teaching) yoga is that she honestly cares about everyone in the room. She cares about every word she says and about every posture she guides people through as well. It’s not often that I’m able to feel the pulse of the room so clearly as to know exactly where the music I’m playing should go next, yet with Dana the emotion and intentions in the room were easily and un-mistakably felt, almost as if there were subtitles written in the air above her for me to read. Dana is all about the honesty of emotions and the genuine desire to bring about a kind of compassionate self empowerment for each person to experience for themselves. This is what a great yoga (instructor) can accomplish and Dana does it beautifully.
— Philip Steir - Music Producer and Yoga DJ - Venice Beach, CA

Dana, I really truly want to thank you for such an amazing day today. It is now 9:36pm and I am still on a HIGH! What did I love about your class? I loved that I didn’t fall on top of any of my neighbors. I loved that I could actually stand tall, and I felt so strong. I loved that I could listen to you, listen to the music, stretch/bend/reach/twist, all the while opening up up my chakras. I loved that I could feel my chakras opening.... what a wild/liberating feeling. I loved that I didn’t leave exhausted or sore (or injured). I loved that I hung in there and pushed myself beyond my comfort limits. I loved that there were so many levels of expertise in the group from ‘newbie me’ to ‘woman who can stand on her head for five minutes’. I loved your patience. I loved your joy. I loved your touch when you’d walk among us and with a gentle touch guide us to better posture. I loved it all and I can’t wait to come again....I love that you opened me up to YOGA! Thank you Dana!
— Cinda Stevens - Lonsway - Author and Speaker, ROAR Women's Empowerment - Portland, OR

Though I have come to be led through many flows and various workshops by Dana, I knew from the very first class that this teacher has an extraordinary ability. With a voice that radiates from her heart, a voice that permeates layers of flesh and resonates deep into your soul, Dana consistently shows up. She instructs precise form and function of yoga asanas, and more so, creates a path through which you move away from judgment and fear and access your highest potential. You can really connect with her on a personable level knowing that she is not above the demands of life but is as vulnerable as the rest of us. Through yoga she guides us to meet our challenges with an empowering “yes you can!” The experience creates a whole sense of Self - mind and body powered by breath and movement and spirit bathed in truth. I can say that for every single class, workshop or event she brings it, always. Each and every time, inspired and fulfilled, I am brought to a place that can best be defined as WOW!
— Brenda Castine - LMP & Energy Healer - Vancouver, WA

If you are looking for a yoga class with playful, energetic and unique flows, Dana Damara at Yoga Tree is the teacher for you. Her ability to integrate a strong physical practice and philosophical teachings into each class creates a wonderful atmosphere in which the body and mind are given the ability to learn and grow. She radiates positive energy and you will feel amazing after each class.
— Stephanie Ring